Inspired by Jay Garrett's coverage of the "Qck" mouse mat on the latest Tech Addicts podcast, I am going to mention a mouse pad I've been using. From the same manufacturer as the Qck, I'm using the Steelseries 4HD. My desk is a rather old one from my childhood and as a result, the surface is very worn and I've found numerous PC mice, no matter how expensive and sophisticated the optical sensor in them is, seem to always have trouble on the most worn area of the desk surface.

The 4HD helps deal with this by providing a hard wearing surface that is not too slippery but at the same time gives just enough resistance to make moving the mouse feel nice, fast and accurate. Although aimed at gamers, it is a good general purpose mouse mat as well and the rubberised underside is grippy enough to keep the mat anchored in one place. Steelseries have refreshed their product line and no longer seem to make the 4HD but it is still available for around 17 quid from Amazon. Yes, I admit it is a bit pricey but I feel it is worth it if you want a mouse mat that will last and not fall apart instantly.
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