Belts! Some of us need them. Even if you are of a portly size like me. For a long time I would make a use of a standard buckle belt. The problem with those belts is that after a while, the strain can end up damaging the holes where the buckle is meant to be secured on and eventually lead to the belt breaking, as what happened to a few of my belts. Not to mention the lack of flexibility when it comes to getting an exact fit. I noticed while looking for some replacement belts that Amazon was selling some "automatic buckle belts". These are basically belts that instead of having a conventional buckle, they have a ratchet that engages onto a line of teeth on the reverse side of the belt. This allows you to tighten it to an exact fit and if you overindulge at dinner, you can push a catch and slide the belt to loosen it. I have two of these belts. They are of the same basic style and colour, the main differentiating factor is the buckle. One is black with chrome trim and the other has a black worn/brushed look with copper trim but they do come in other styles and colours. Average pricing is between £10 to £20.
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