In this day and age of moving towards a paperless society and using a phone or other mobile smart devices and apps to record our thoughts and shopping lists, be it Evernote or Onenote or something else, I find having a simple notepad or notebook is still essential especially in my work where phone use is generally frowned upon and even if it isn't, sometimes it is just faster and easier to get the notebook out and scrawl down details quickly using a pen. Any notepad can do but one thing I did was adapt an old mini sized black Filofax binder of the "Identity" model. This is no longer available in this size but you can get one in the 95mm x 171mm "Personal" size or 81mm x 120mm "Pocket" sizes but this is an expensive route to go for a notepad as the plain and lined note paper refills can be more expensive and have less pages than just getting a purpose made notebook from the super market. However I find that the flexibility and resilience of this binder makes it more valuable than most notepads.
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