As someone cursed with the inability to use a lot of toiletries due to having an allergy to most fragrances that will aggravate my eczema, I find I have to be careful in what I buy. This usually means restricting myself to unfragranced products, inevitably most of which are from the feminine side of the industry as it seems to be a "man", you have to have "manly" smells like Lynx (Which personally brings back unpleasant memories of school PE classes as well as smelling generally unpleasant :P ). Unfortunately this means finding appropriate shaving products can be a bit of a pain as they almost all insist on having large amounts of perfume, even ones marked "sensitive".

Thankfully, one company provided a shaving gel with no added fragrances that does work pretty well and minimises irritation and allergic reactions at least for me. King of Shaves has an antibacterial shaving gel that does the job and seems to be usable with my waterproof electric shaver. Since I prefer the clean shaven look, both for personal and work related reasons, this product makes keeping the stubble at bay a lot easier. It also doesn't smell overly offensive which is a bonus. You can find it for around 4 quid directly but it is sold in most major supermarkets and household supply stores as well.
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