Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 250 AW

Enough negativity from me. Here is something that does work very, very well! Lowepro is one of those expensive brands of bags that many swear by, especially outdoor photographers. I've used many different backpacks before to carry my DSLR and lenses when I am out and about on holiday but never anything with dedicated padding and compartments to protect them until I got this backpack about 3 and a half years ago.

The Fastpack 250 AW is a backpack designed to allow you to lug around a moderate amount of photographic equipment while protecting it from the elements. It is covered in a black fairly tough fabric and the main camera and accessories compartment can be changed by velcro secured partitions. The main compartment has a side opening design which allows you to quickly take out or put away the camera without having to open up the entire bag. There is also an upper compartment for various accessories, mainly audio equipment but anything can go there, along with a separate cable pouch inside. The bag is completed by a 15 inch laptop compartment in the very back, a bottle/tripod holder pouch on the side and a waterproof cover that folds into the base of the bag.

I've had this backpack for at least 3 years and it has withstood all manner of horrific weather conditions, be it blistering sunshine or torrential flooding. My cameras have remained dry and protected. I cannot imagine life without this bag, being a keen amateur photographer and if you like adventure and taking pictures, you need something like this. The bag costs about £114.36 from Amazon and the link to it is below. Lowepro have released a newer version of the bag which is available at a cheaper price of £108.00 on Amazon but I cannot personally vouch for it so buy the newer bag at at your own risk.
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