Sometimes, I don't feel like killing every single insect that gets stuck in the house. This includes my pet peeve of spiders. Tonight, as of this post, I had to remove a particularly large example of an arachnid from the house. I though it might be a good time to mention this little device. The "Bug Katcha". Bought it from Betterware some time ago where they still sell it, but there are similar versions out there on other websites.

The idea is you open the sliding flap and orientate the catcher with the sliding flap horizontal. You then place the open end of the catcher over the insect and carefully turn the catcher 90 degrees, such that the sliding flap falls under the influence of gravity, closing the catcher and trapping the insect. You can then take the catcher outside or stick it out a window and then rotate it 180 degrees, releasing the insect.

It is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes the flap on the open end falls too quickly, killing the bug accidentally. Other times, it can be hard to orientate the catcher if the insect is in a particularly awkward place like the very corner of a room. The slide mechanism can also be a bit dodgy, not closing properly without a bit of shaking about. But I still stand by this device and it has helped remove quite a few craneflys, spiders, moths and other unwanted visitors from the house.
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