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Since the upgrade to Android Auto in November my Pioneer 4100 and DSub no longer know when my car is in park. Prior to this upgrade I could scroll nonstop when parked. Now I get that annoying warning about not being parked.

I don't see many complaints on this on other forums and I have no way to know for sure if it AA or DSub that is causing the problem. I assume it is AA, but since I have no real way to contact them I figured I'd start here. Did AA change something or did they just break something?


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Latest beta fails to connect remotely. Connects local but "resource not found" error occurs when you try to open anything. Verified server is working fine.

Not sure if this is related to Marshmallow on my LG G4 or an update to DSub... For the past couple weeks I noticed that the EQ will not stay active. It works if I turn it on and listen right away. If I stop listening and come back later it is turned off again.

I am loving the new albums list on Android Auto. Every morning I hit RANDOM and find an album I haven't listened to in ages. Great feature.

There is just one problem. The popup that tells you that for safety reasons it cannot display more causes problems. First it covers the last item in the list. Then, once it pops up and you select an album, it stays on the screen and the album does not load. When you go back you get a new set of random albums. This only happens while the pop up is on the screen.

Is there any way to disable that message? We already know that Google is limiting the information we can see on the screen. There's no point in showing it over and over.

Thanks again for making DSUB better.

Got my first network tuner tonight (Silicondust HDHomeRun Prime). Verizon sent me a cable card and made it super easy to setup. So far I got MythTV working, the HDHomeRun app on my phone and Android TV, and MythTV and HDHomeRun app in KODI. So far so good. Now to convince the wife to use it and get rid of the TIVOS....
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Fifteen minutes with the +nVidia Corporations Shield Android TV and I'm ready to through the god damned thing out the window. How do I exit a frickin' game???? There is no obvious way to do it. I'm stuck in XPLANE forever. Plus it already locked up once and the app on my phone won't connect. Complete piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Where are the seizure inducing animated tiles???  I'm so disappointed. :-)
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Not good news here.  Any suggestions for a replacement?  I want to start my search now so I'm ready when the inevitable demise occurs...
We're thrilled to share the news that #LastPass  has joined the +LogMeIn family! 
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I just installed my first ever head unit with Android Auto (Pioneer AVH-4100NEX).  I have to say I am somewhat impressed...  I can see where Google is going with AA and I like it.  

There are very few apps right now but with the Pioneer it isn't a big deal.  I mainly use it for navigation and music.  The only apps for this are Google Nav and Google Music.  Google Nave is okay, but Google Music...  Well...   Since the Pioneer has an SD slot, I just loaded up 128 GB of FLAC files and I don't need the phone for music. 

I also purchased a BT GPS receiver to put on my dash since the phone will not be buried underneath and out of site.  And I had to dig up a good USB cable or the darn thing wouldn't even connect (good as in one I purchased from Monoprice - not expensive).
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Last week after one of the crappy tips on my otherwise awesome +Jaybird  Blueduds X earbuds ended up lodged in my ear, I decided to see if there were any aftermarket tips that would be better. I came across +Comply Foam and after reading reviews and watching a few videos decided to give them a try. I found them available on Amazon Prime and had them in less than 2 days. 

The first thing I noticed is the texture.  It is unlike anything I felt before on an earbud (kinda squishy).  The next thing I noticed was how freakin' difficult it was to install them.  It took some effort but I"m pretty sure they will not come off in my ear (like the EOM one).

This morning I went for my weekly long run and I have to say I am extremely impressed.  They made the Bluebuds snug and secure.  I did not have to readjust them at all in 10 miles and almost 2 hours of running.  With the OEM tips I readjusted every 10 minutes.  They didn't change the sound in any perceivable way and they were very comfortable.  

I will be ordering more (maybe some for my wired earbuds too).
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