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Four months ago, at his request, I shared a link to the blog of one of my clients. I never talk about my clients because as their hairdresser, I hear all the personal stuff. But Don wrote something personal and wanted me to share it, so I did.

I found out last night that Don passed away Wednesday morning after his three year battle with head and neck cancer. I feel sad for the loss of an amazingly talented writer, for the funny man who came to see me for haircuts and eventually, to buzz what was left of his hair off, but mostly for the wife and three children he adored who made his short time on earth worth fighting for.

You will definitely be missed, Don.
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Thanks for sharing this.   Sorry to hear the news.
I'm sorry about your client and friend passing beyond the veil. From what I read in his blog, he was a courageous man. 
This gives me the sads. Bless you, Anne, for making a difference for Don while he was fighting...
Wow.  Sorry for your loss Anne. As you lost him too.
So sorry for your loss, Anne. Cancer sucks.
Sorry to read this, appreciated the original post about Don.
My sympathies to you and all who knew him. I will always remember shaving my mom's head in the same bathroom where she had brushed and dried and styled my hair so many times in my life. She said that the hair falling out hurt much less once it was cut short, which is to say you are wonderful for taking care of your clients this way.
You are a kind and compassionate lady, Mrs. Wheaton.  Your husband and clients are lucky to have you.  My condolences to you and to Mr. Rhymer's family.
A sad end, but a wonderful man. I'll raise my glass tonight to Don.
Nothing is greater than a life not left unlived. You obviously made an impact on him, and certainly many more. You ought to be proud of that and go on living life greatly.
I posted this over at Wil's but thought you might wanna see it too. The song "Sing you home" is by Ennis, a Canadian Sister group, who wrote the song for a friend who had died of cancer way too young.

the player will kick into another song, so after you listen to it, either stop, close or replay (I recommend the latter)
thanks for sharing Anne ... my condolences to you and to Don's family.
Thank you for all your kind words. I really appreciate it.
Sincere condolences to all who knew and loved him.
we never determine what happenz to us.....but same times things like this change our truly sorry for your loss.
Hey there Ms. Wheaton, I'm kind of new to "Google Plus" and its "circles". So, I'm not really sure how this works...:-) But I have been battling cancer for almost 3 years now. The first thing I wanted to share with you involves your husband. You see, laughter is one of my "therapies". With that being said, I love the Big Bang Theory and my loving husband (and soul mate), always DVR's
the show for us to watch before I sleep each night. Including the re-runs! Many of our favorite episodes are the ones that include your husband Wil. I think my most memorable episode is from Season 4: Episode 8. The 21-Second Excitation! He did a great job of imitating the voice of Jar Jar Binks (as he bade farewell to Sheldon outside the movie theater in that episode). It's been "rough" tonight so I've been on the computer and found a message from Google Plus to add you and Wil to my "circles". As I stated, I'm a newbie at this and am not sure this post will even be read. However, if it does I wanted to tell you Anne, that after reading one of your client's (Don's) blog that you posted a link to, and learning about how you use your talent to help us cancer victims with one of the more difficult parts of our journey through the "Big C", I wanted to say thank you! What an ingenious gift you offer. It speaks volumes to me as I now am forced to take a "back seat" to the life I used to lead. I watch people more closely, I listen to what they have to say...and I then attempt to decipher who they "really" are...not who they (cleverly) try to portray themselves to be,lol! It's taught me a lot. And I use this activity as a "tool" to selectively choose to have in my "corner" and as part of my life journey! With all this being said, I again thank you! If the universe had chosen for us to be connected, I definitely would have warmly welcomed you into my "circle", lol! Keep "paying it forward" Anne...I'm sure that you are blessing more people than you could ever realize. I am but one of them! Also, (if this post ever truly reaches your eyes), please give my thanks to Will too. Let him know that I've been joyfully entertained by the roles he's played! Especially in the last couple of years as I continue to fight this horrific monster. He too, has been an amazing part of my healing process. Peace to you! Debbie Kane, Tomball, Texas. <3
I am a newbie to this Google+ thing too so I always forget to check it. Here it is February and I'm just now seeing your comment. I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this but it makes me so happy that we do a tiny part to bring you happiness. I hope you're doing well. Take care of you :-)