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Have I told you about that time I...?
Have I told you about that time I...?

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One year later. Back in Australia. Still not running.
It's hard to write a blog that is primarily about running when you haven't been running. Which is not to say I haven't run since my last post back in June 2014. With a switch to the run/walk approach, I finished the Magnificent Mile Chicago Women's Half in ...

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Brooklyn Half - A non race recap
I entered the Brooklyn Half back in January, a week or so before hitting my new half marathon PR at the Melbourne Half Marathon in Florida. Hanging out on the beach in January. Florida, you're alright! Unfortunately, a few weeks after running that half mara...

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Sad face
Have you noticed things have been quiet in this part of the world lately? Chris is NOT running. Chris is Injured. I had my first DNS for the Lakefront 10 Miler a couple of weeks ago (although I did still go and cheer on my friend). And I'm going to have ano...

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March goals - retrospective
My March goals didn't get published but I was still working on them. Here's how I did. 1. Organized: Start planning my meals (actually writing them out) AND doing my grocery shopping on the weekend AND pre-preparing what I can for the week. Hmm, I was prett...

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Shamrock Shuffle 2014
S eriously considered not turning up for this race. Felt under-trained and gun-shy after NYC Half. H appy that the weather has cleared up for race day. A nyone else disappointed with the race shirt? Felt like it was more about the sponsor than the race. M o...

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A tale of two races
This is the tale of two races. Two half marathons, in fact, run six weeks apart. The first half marathon was part of the  Melbourne Music Marathon Festival  and was held on February 2 in Melbourne, Florida. The second half marathon was the NYC Half (in NYC!...

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Training: January
In case you missed it, January was COLD! I didn't get in the kind of training I was hoping for this month due to a combination of the weather and getting sick during the month. Not workout related, unless you call walking though the snow a workout. It is pr...

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January goals
Each month I plan to have four goals, one for each of my 2014 themes. Depending on the goal, I may continue that goal for more than one month but each month will have one new goal per theme. What's in store for January? 1. In the theme of being organized, i...

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Four themes for 2014
I have four themes for what I'd like to focus on in 2014. 1. Positive Practice positivity in how I think, how I speak, how I communicate. 2. Social Stay in touch with friends and family. Extend my networks. 3. Consistent Areas where I would like to improve ...

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Quick! It's almost over!
In case you've missed it, 2013 is nearly done. And in the spirit of being a mediocre running blogger (what do you mean it's been over a month since I last posted?!) I figured I drop some quick 2013 stats. I ran an official 961 miles (1,546km) this year. The...
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