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That Thrift Store Find... Louboutin Pumps
So... I thrifted a pair of Christian Louboutins. The Decollete to be exact, in patent leather , size 37.5 and in excellent condition. Of all the treasures I dig for in a thrift store ,
I never, ever expected to run across an authentic pair of CL. When I
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A review of "Darkroom"
Is it just me or are
low-budget Horror films getting lazier and lazier? Are film studios even trying
anymore?  I mean, what is the point of
going through all the work of setting a shooting schedule, hiring actors, not
to mention all the work that goes into ...
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Shredder Challenge - Puzzle 2 done! Onto Puzzle 3
Puzzle 2 is now done! Puzzle 3 is a drawing (not text). As we get to more complicated puzzles, it's clear that loading,
rendering, and UI limitations will become a bigger and bigger issue. My
colleague, Dan Maynes-Aminzade ("monzy" for short) is doing hi...
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Computer Controlling a Syma Helicopter
Recently, I've been playing with these inexpensive Syma Remote Control Helicopters.
At the time they were only $20 (but seemed have been price adjusted
for the holidays). They're quite robust to crashes and pretty easy to
fly. For $20, they're a blast...
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Arduino helicopter infrared controller
Hello! Some time ago I got the S107 helicopter as a birthday present, and as I
found myself with some free time, I got an Arduino board with the intent
of flying it with my computer. Helicopter being tracked with webcam and speed adjusted My experience ha...
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Elle Decor April Issue....
Elle Decor's April issue is their International issue! Have you seen it yet? In it they feature decorator Lorenzo Castillo's home in Madrid, Spain.
It's a HUGE 17th century home that used to be a former convent, can you
believe that?!?  Check out all the ...
Elle Decor April Issue.... | Health
Elle Decor April Issue....  |  Health
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Before & After Kitchen Renovation
Welcome back! It's Monday & it's back to work! of my readers, Meaghan Taylor sent over her amazing Kitchen renovation.  She described the before pictures by
saying, "it looked like a crack den." Ha! Well, I'm not going to
disagree with her o...
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$800.00 DIY Kitchen Renovation!
I am so excited to share this kitchen makeover with you today! My friend, and talented Interior Designer, Lee recently renovated her kitchen for $800.00. After receiving a $3500 quote to reface the cabinets, they decided to tackle the job themselves. The pa...
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the story & cost of our kitchen renovation
i apologize up front for those that are sick and tired of seeing this
kitchen but i've been getting lots of emails asking for details so i
kinda need to do this. this first picture was taken the day we took ownership.  you can see
larry has already start...
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Kitchen Renovation | The Before
So you know what this means, right? If I'm posting "befores" of our
kitchen, the "after" is around the corner. I'm happy to post that our
kitchen renovation is 100% done and the "after" shots will be revealed in a few days. The before shots are so dramati...
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