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Apologizing doesn't always mean you're wrong.

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History of HTML 5 infographic. Check out a larger image here:

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Apple Advocate: Samsung COPIED the iPhone completely!
Me: So a Samsung Galaxy Series phone works just like an iPhone? 
Me: So I get the same experience with Samsung that I get with Apple? 
AA: No. Android sucks, Samsung phones are horrible to use! 
Me: So Apple's phones suck and are horrible to use too? 
AA: NO! Apple's phones are awesome. 
Me: But I thought you said that Samsung copied Apple's phones. How can that be, if they're identical as you say? 
AA: Uhhhh... 
Me: Do Apple phones have LTE? 
AA: No. You don't need LTE, 3G EVDO is good enough! 
Me: Do Apple phones have screens larger than 3.5 inches? 
AA: No. 3.5 inches is enough for 
Me: Does Apple offer a removable battery? 
AA: No. Removable batteries are terrible! 
Me: Is Android a comparable 
operating system to iOS? 
AA: No. Android SUCKS! 
Me: Does Apple make its phone with a plastic case and back? 
AA: No. It's all glass. 
Me: Does Apple make a phone with an AMOLED display? 
AA: No. Apple uses LCD, which is good enough. 
Me: So, basically, what you're saying is, other than the user experience, screen size, color, backplane, form factor, operating system, data speeds, look, feel and usability, the 
phones are exactly alike. 
Me: shakes head

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A lovely song played by ThePianoGuys

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Ark Hotel in China designed by Russian firm Remistudio!
Now, THAT'S engineering!

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Music has big brain benefits compared to other leisure pursuits

It turns out mom was right. Music lessons are good for you, and those benefits may last a lifetime.

A recent study conducted by Brenda Hanna-Pladdy, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist in Emory University School of Medicine’s Department of Neurology, offers additional evidence that musical instrumental training, when compared to other activities, may reduce the effects of memory decline and cognitive aging.

“A range of cognitive benefits, including memory, was sustained for musicians between the ages of 60-80 if they played for at least 10 years throughout their life, confirming that maintenance of advantages is not reliant on continued activity. In other words, you don’t use it or lose it. Nonetheless, the study highlighted the critical importance of the timing of musical activity, which may optimize cognitive benefits.”



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