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Australian Homebase Academy

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We at Homebase aim to give support to both new and experienced home educators. We are genuine and sincere, in our care and approach, to support and assist parents to set in place an achievable, flexible and thorough educational work program.

Homebase believes home education gives YOU, as a parent, the unique opportunity to be a successful educator within YOUR home as YOU supervise a constructive, stable and methodical work program for each child.

Drawing upon our own home education experiences using the educational work programs ourselves, we have been able to assist others in their unique experiences in home education.

Homebase believes home education can be THE vital link for parents to once again regain confidence in creating opportunities for their children to be settled and responsible students in their homes, and then to become dependable in their workplaces and trustworthy in their communities.

Homebase looks forward to assisting families in the future and supporting them in every way they can in their endeavours in home education.
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