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And as of now, the officially licensed sale of the Cauldron fan expansion is now available.  Profits are shared between GtG, Tosc, and DtC.

For those of you who are fellow fans of (formerly) fan expansion The Cauldron, tosc announced that Greater Than Games, himself, and Drive Through Cards are finishing off the final details of a licencing agreement! Proofs are being printed now and it sounds like the expansion will be officially licensed and available before the Oblivaeon campaign ends.

Just checked out the Oblivaeon Kickstarter, and they are arleady at 320,000.  Not only have they far exceed their goals in about 8 hours, but they've blown through every single  mentioned stretch goal three times over.  They haven't even had time to reply to all this.

And folks like me are only just now getting off work, so it's going even further.

In the sister show to the one I mention recently (Kamen Rider Drive, specifically) it is revealed that French food all has sauce on it.  Not only that, but all food by a given chef uses the exact same sauce which is pretty much the sole indicator of how good all the food is.  Doesn't even matter what you do with any of the other ingredients.  

Apparently, according to Japanese children's television, the English are all obsessed with their lawns and count lawnmowers among their most cherished possessions.

"A lawnmower is an Englishman's pride!"

Those of you who are fans of the fan-made Cauldron expansion might be interested to know that Spiff has begun updating his accessories to include Cauldron content.  Several Large sized heroes and one Villain are now available.

Wrath of the Cosmos is out of Limbo!

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So now unexpectedly, we get two new free things for Sentinels, Villain Challenge Mode, a new hard mode for each Villain (including the Cosmic ones) and Hero Challenge Achievments, which is what it sounds like.  This pretty much makes all the new Nemeses in Cosmic public knowledge and reveals the name of Scholar's nemesis--Biomancer!

Lessons learned from Super Sentai--never argue with a building-sized fire-breathing space lion.

So now the fight to force people to get cable subscriptions has reached such height of lunacy that I'm not even allowed to watch promos for certain shows online anymore without proving I have a cable subscription.  That's right, I can't watch a glorifies advertisement whose purpose it is to get me interested in watching a show available on free to air tv unless I pay to have a cable subscription.  The amount of contempt I have towards whatever jerk faces decided this is a good idea is beyond comprehension.
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