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My last post here I suppose! (unless I can still post from this account after the transfer.)

Be back in 7 days after the transfer completes. See you on my other profile:

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The Lebanese Red Cross Club at AUB , in collaboration with the AUBMC Blood Bank, is organizing a #BloodDrive today, Thursday, March 14th from 9:00 am till 3:30 pm at +American University of Beirut, West Hall - Auditorium A.

At the end of the day, AUBMC Blood Bank staff will be randomly picking one lucky donor's name to receive a special gift (the bunny in the photo).

Blood donations from this blood drive will be going to St. Jude - Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon and the Children's Heart Center - Brave Heart.

#AUB   #DonateBlood  

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Transfer to start in 7 days. After that this account will remain in stasis for a while. No idea what will happen after the transfer completes. I just have to wait and see.
So. I've done it. I pressed the link that will transfer stuff from my Gmail account to my Google Apps account.

Frankly it's about time. After spending ages attempting to merge my existing  accounts, and more to go, this is at least one step down.

I have no idea what will happen to YouTube during this process (Google Apps says YouTube is unavailable in my country - meh!).

Questions that I will have to find the answer to the hard way:
1. What will to Google Play? Will I be still able to rate and comment on apps I buy from this account now that they need Google+?
2. What will happen to YouTube? Picasa? Google Maps & reviews? Blogger? Basically anything Google decided to integrate with Google+ is in limbo now. I'm expecting a hell of a mess when the transfer in completed.
3 This is NOT easy. <sarcasm> Thank you Google for making this process to simple. </sarcasm>

P.S. Google Groups already broke in the transition. I'm somehow a member of groups, but without the authentication to access these groups, or even change my membership or leave them.

For future reference you can find my old Google+ profile here:

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Follow guidelines, and stop creating more weirdly shaped colorful G+ logos please.

P.S. Thumbs up if you still have buzz logos up!
For all those sites who are using: Buzz logos, the old G+ logo or a bright green G+ icon.

"These guidelines provide you with the design specification for various Google+ buttons. You can use these buttons on your site or app without pre-approval provided you follow these basic guidelines. Use of Google brands in ways not expressly covered by this document is not allowed without prior written consent from Google (see the Guidelines for Third Party Use of Google Brand Features for more information). Buttons use must also be in line with our Buttons Policy."

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So today at an event in the Ministry of Télécom [that saw the launch of the National Mobile Programming Competition (, the launch of the blogging competition (through the site, and the draw for the winner of the competition], I was the lucky recipient of one brand new #Blackberry  #Z10 from Minister Nicola Sehnaoui, courtesy of Touch (one of the two main mobile network operators in #Lebanon ).

You can expect that to an #Android fanatic like me, it was not an earth shattering moment (I mean a Nexus 4, 7, or 10 would've cost them much less :-P).

But then I realized that this will actually be an awesome moment to review the Z10 from an Android user's point of view. That is why for the next 2 weeks, the Z10 will be my primary phone.

A few disclaimers though:
- I have been an Android user since the Nexus One, and I have been pretty satisfied with the experience so far. So as I'm used to the Android ecosystem, expect some bias (I'll be trying to look objectively and account for the fact that the Z10 and the new Blackberry system was just released, but that would be extremely hard to achieve)
- I live in Lebanon, not in the USA, and the #Google #PlayStore is but a crippled version of it's US counter part. So if Blackberry's mobile store supports my country fully, expect me to be on Blackberry's camp for this issue.
- I understand that buying the Blackberry bundle from the carrier is essential to having the full Blackberry experience, however I'm undecided whether buying the bundle is worth it. I will start using the phone with normal phone + 3G data and WiFi usage. I'm not that interested in the BB service as of now.
- I am moving from a #GalaxyNexus to the Z10, so I am effectively comparing it to a 1+ year handset.
- Although I will be refraining from using the Galaxy Nexus, I will be using the #Nexus7 alongside the Blackberry as usual.

I will be trying to document all the positive and negative experiences throughout.

2 weeks without my #Nexus commencing now! Wish me luck!
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Call for volunteers! To all students, alumni, faculty and staff at +American University of Beirut who are interested in helping organize #TEDxAUB, sign up here!


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Does Google Chrome delete my session cookies when it closes?
Which information does Google Update send to Google Servers?
Are my passwords encrypted locally?
Does language detection involve any Google servers?

You'll find all these answers and a lot more by reading carefully the Google Chrome Privacy Whitepaper document at

Thanks +Mike West

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+Tarek Zeitoun from #Google will be talking about #AdWords, opportunities at Google and more.

Today from 12pm till 2:30pm at +Lebanese American University - Beirut Campus

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Reminder: The #BloodDrive is today till 4:00-4:30pm 
Celebrate Valentine's Day in a special way this year.

Love life - give life. Donate blood tomorrow!


The Lebanese Red Cross Club at #AUB , in collaboration with the AUBMC Blood Bank, is organizing a #BloodDrive tomorrow Wednesday, February 13th from 9:00 am till 4:30 pm at +American University of Beirut, West Hall - Auditorium A.

At the end of the day, AUBMC Blood Bank will be randomly picking one lucky donor's name to receive a special Valentine's Day gift.

Blood donations from this blood drive will be going to St. Jude - Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon and the Children's Heart Center - Brave Heart.

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