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Claire Kennedy
Stellar Sage of Stylish Sewing Stimulation!
Stellar Sage of Stylish Sewing Stimulation!


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Petroglyphs and Mountains
That's what the San Rafael is all about.  Every day we passed through and around the reef, canyon, valley and the effects of the San Rafael Anticline.  And everytime I see it I thought, what did the early settlers think?....what did the early explorers thin...

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More Geology
You would think I was a regular rock hound, but to tell you the truth, dirt is dirt or rather according to Walt it's not dirt it's SOIL !!!  But the truth is that this dirt, errr, that's soil, is actually fascinating.  You can't help but imagine how the ear...

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Slont Canyons
So we've loved slot canyons ever since we did our first one in southern Utah in the Grand Staircase Escalante area.  Mostly these were in the Vermillion Cliffs, but if we went further north we got into the White Cliffs, and although the canyons had interest...

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Quoth the Raven "Nevermore!"
....unless of course that is until it's time for feeding the kids and then getting more food and then posing for the tourists, and this flying around looking cool and then...oh yeah....feeding the kids.....and...... So we're up on Rustic Falls doing the wat...

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The Word of the Day Is Water!
Yellowstone is known for its thermal heat and water.  It's what makes Yellowstone special.  The thermal features are great, but the water is spectacular.  There's supposed to be tons of waterfalls in Yellowstone, and here are some of the best.  The truth is...

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The Yellowstone Bridge
Crossing into the Northern Tier we cross several fun bridges.  What's most fun is that we humans live under the major delusion that the bridges, built by humans are for humans.....oh no!  They are actually for the animals - specifically the bears and the bi...

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The Playful Trickster
I have always thought of the coyote as a playful trickster.  Here's a short video on a couple of coyote shorts we took the last couple of days.  It starts on a kill on the east side of the park as we were leaving to get on the great Beartooth Highway, we ca...

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One year we were here and a gathering was photographing a coyote, and one couple was British.  They kept talking about a koweyote and I kept thinking what in the world are they talking about.  I finally figured out that this was their pronunciation of what ...

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Round About Way of Getting Places
Sometimes things don't work your way and you just have to go with the flow.  There's some construction in the park, and I decided that we could.  Unfortunately, the construction was not friendly to us.  We had to go all the way around the park to get to Hay...

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You may have noticed the blogs are getting shorter.  We're taking more and more pictures with less time to process them all - that means going through and finding the really good ones.  I like to write at least a little something each night to keep up to da...
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