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I have been working on a project involving the Pi and +Adafruit Industries​' PiTFT. It is called Python OS, and it replaces the entire UI with one I programmed in Python and Pygame. It includes UI widgets, an event driven app system, and package management.

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I finished work on the first release of my project Python OS! It is a GUI and app management system for Raspberry Pi computers with touchscreens. It makes it easy to use and create apps that take advantage of touchscreen functionality using a simple event-based UI.

You can also package and distribute apps through the PythonOSApps repository on GitHub.

Download Python OS:

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New App by me: Open Flashcards
Make and study your own flashcards.


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New App by me: GNews
Browse and read Google News articles from a slick, modern interface.
Available for Windows 8 as News Reader for Google News, and for Firefox OS as GNews.

Also available as a standalone web-only version


I would like some advice on the best way to do multithreading in Python. I want several different threads, not many threads of the same class just with different parameters. I would (obviously) like the one with the best performance.
Any ideas?

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I think that if everyone who likes the concept, thinks the phone looks cool, or loves open source, or linux, or just wants to be a part of something revolutionary donates just $20, the campaign would succeed. 
Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu project and Canonical has posted a message as part of the Ubuntu Edge Indigogo campaign, as we are on the verge of breaking the highest amount ever raised in a fixed crowd-funding campaign in 30 days - see for details and go and pledge!

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