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The Book of Mormon is not from God.

 Mormon's are not Christian's
 Mormon's believe in a different Jesus Christ from the Christian's
 No more living Prophet's.
 Only Jesus Christ you follow.

 Bible John 14-6.
 Jesus answered I am the way and the truth, and the life.
 No one cometh to the Father except through me. Alpha & Omega.
 Bible John 5-39.
 We have the completed word of God today, Jesus told us to search the
 scripture's in John 5-39.
 God doesn't communicate to men today through dream's nor vision's as he did
 at time's in the [ Old Testament such as with Jacob & Joseph. ]
 God speaks to us today through his son, through his son through the word of
 God. [ John 1=1-3-14.
 Revelation 19 ; 13.
 The word became incarnate and we beheld his Glory as of the only begotten
 son of God. [ John 1=14 ]
 The Book of Mormon 1981 edition. Change's.
 They shall be white and delightsome people, to they shall be pure and delightsome
 people. Thousand's of change's since 1830 the 1st edition

 Bible Galatian's 1-8-9.
 If a man or a fallen angel preacher's another gospel than the gospel of
 Jesus Christ. That man or angel stand accursed.
 The Mormon Jesus.
 1 A Created being the elder brother of Lucifer.
 2 Common [ one of many God's. ]
 3 Conceived by a physical sex act between God the father [ Elohim ] & Mary.
 4 Atonement happened in the garden of Gethsemane.
 5 Achieved full salvation through obedience to his heavenly father.
 6 A Married polygamist.

 The Christian Jesus.
 1 The uncreated God.
 2 Unique [ The one & only eternal son of God. ]
 3 Conceived by the holy spirit supernaturally overshadowed Mary.
 4 Atonement on the cross at Calvary.
 5 Externally God, never required salvation.
 6 Unmarried.
 Joseph Smith 1830-1844 Mormon 1st president.
 Stated out of his own mouth that Black people had the mark of Cain.
 Could never be worthy of Jesus Christ or God's love,

 Bible Galatian's 3 ; 28.
 There is neither Jew nor Greek [ meaning every body] there is neither
 slave nor free, there is no male and female. For you all one in Jesus Christ.
 Do not judge by appearance's but judge with right judgment.
 Bible Matthew 24=24.
 For there shall arise false Christ's and false prophet's, and shall shrew great
 sign's and wonder's in so much that, If it were possible, they shall deceive the
 very elect.
 Beware of wolf's in sheep clothing.

 Have a nice day & you're family.




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