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So, Red Sox fans, how do you like John Lackey now?

Best compliment for the work I do in sports in a long time. Thanks Brian RT @BrianDezelske: And I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that @PaulGreco is the best interview going right now... #epic

Trying to think of players that can vault into producing first round value next year. First name that came to mind was Ian Desmond

Verlander had two awesome years and then a regression Miguel Cabrera just had two awesome years. Gravity & regression are tough to buck.

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Here is one of the best things about #FFCentral  unlike some of the bigger sites, who don't update their rankings on GameDay, we here are always updating them, in near real-time.

For instance:

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AJ Green and Nelson
A.J. Green, Fitzgerald and Jordy Nelson. Pick 2 to start' non-PPR

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"THE" FP911 is with you for the next hour 11-12pm ET, handling all your START/SIT question. Post below with your scoring rules and we'll help make you look sexy on Monday morning when you're bragging about your #FantasyFootball  team at the water cooler. It's #FFCentral  at it's best.

Here are our latest rankings :

Joining us today is Paul Greco, Dan Stack and Dan Leason!

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Don't sleep on these foo's in WK5. We got you covered with your #FantasyFootball  WK 5 Sleepers. Let's win this week so the chics and the folks here at the #FFCentral   can dig you at the water cooler on Monday.

Thanks to Dan Leason for a pretty fantastical article
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