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Canada Child Tax Benefits Post Separation As tax season is approaching I thought it might be a good
time to touch on the subject of Canada Revenue Agency’s treatment of separating
couples who have children.   As a family
law lawyer I never give advice about...

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13 Tips for Cheaper Divorce (National Post)
Credit to my colleague Jonathan Lazar for sending me this article which I think is a great read for anyone either entering into or in the midst of a separation. 13 Tips for a Cheaper Divorce Karen Redmond, Family Law Lawyer

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In the event of a "Not So Happy New Year" Here's How to Prepare for your first meeting with a family law lawyer
With the coming of the New Year brings the dreaded New Years
flood of new clients who have survived the holiday season and made the decision
to separate. I thought it appropriate to share the advice I give to clients on
how to prepare for a first meeting wi...

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Inheritances used to purchase property placed in joint tenancy - November 2016 update
(Not a very catchy title to this blog article I realize but the issue of excluded property and inheritances keeps coming up so I wanted to add my notes on this new case, and be perfectly clear about what it says, or what I think it says)  by Karen F. Redmon...

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Home is where the Heart (ache) is
My Colleague Jonathan M. Lazar  recently led a panel discussion on
the Family Home, at the   Collaborative Divorce retreat on November 18 th .   It’s no wonder that the Family Home is one of
the most difficult issues to settle in a family law file, when the...

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New CRA Rules for Declaring Sale of Family Residence
A colleague brought this to my attention today and I thought it was worth sharing since in the context of family law and separation, the sale of the family residence is often an issue.  CRA announced on October 3, 2016 that they had made administrative chan...

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CBABC Family Law Working Group's Submissions to the BC Ministry of Justice
As detailed in our September 19, 2016 post, the BC government sought input on its two Discussion Papers regarding the Family Law Act's  guardianship provisions and the presumption of advancement and property division. The CBABC Family Law Working Group has ...

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October 2016 Update on Excluded Property in British Columbia
In 2016 our Court of Appeal handed down two decisions which have
changed the way family lawyers advise their clients about excluded
property.   The Family Law Act defines Excluded Property in section 85, as property
that is excluded from Family Property and...

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BC Govt seeking input on Family Law Act
The BC government’s Civil Policy and Legislation Office has released two Discussion Papers on issues pertaining to BC’s Family
Law Act. Their website explains that: The Family Law Act  came fully into force on March 18, 2013, replacing
the  Family Relations...

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Family Maintenance Enforcement Program
I am often asked about how helpful the Family Maintenance
Enforcement Program is in assisting parties with enforcement of their court orders or
separation agreements.   The answer is, FMEP can be
extremely helpful, but only if your agreement or court order ...
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