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Fabrice d'Mont
We're mere stories
We're mere stories
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Depend on me all the time
For we've signed an unwritten treaty
The day we shook hands
And called ourselves Friends
And wrote the beginning of an epic,
Our great battle against time.

Reach out your hand to me
Whether we fly or stumble down,
For bruises heal and headaches subside
But we, together, defy the norms
And ignore the ways of folks

We have our own ways
And never did wrong
Sometimes hated and often misunderstood,
So place the table and gather around,
Pour the beer and make the glass move
We have to celebrate life
And our circle's continuity;
We are still friends this long.
A toss for being strong!

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A masterpiece...

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in a world I'm a word
embodied in metaphoric silence

Are dark days left behind? Or they ride with us north?
Are black holes ever quenched in us? Or they keep on swallowing every piece of our dreams?
Do starless nights scare lonely souls? Or we, star chasers, still see them behind the cloth of clouds?
Does death begin at the far edge of life? Or it proceeds birth and the thought of the earth?
Now here we are. We cannot cry, no! That's being weak.
We cannot stay up late because we loathe our voices alone.
We cannot climb life's back, we'd fall off and hurt our senile hearts.
What pen got to do alone? What tears got to clean on our cheeks? We'd rush in the cave of company before twilight till we doze off in the arms of solitude
We'd write our names at the bedpost, so we'd recall the way back to our worlds
I hear you brethren, I'm deaf not stiff
I see you shaken, I'm blind but can stride
Or run without falling off the rod
Just hold my hand and tie the ends at the cornerstones of heaven
The world is not ours, it is sinking at the horizon of our sanity.
Just hold me close
Hold me

Who's taken the pen?
Dark hours need a slay
Old memories are the sphere
We'd stay in the playground
After sitting for tales
Last stream of flame
Would bed us checked
Unknown being assurance
Known to be just enough
We'd tell we weren't lizards
Right the next morning
We knew we were just stories
We curved into them
With open heart and longing arms
And lost our minds
In the process...

©Fabrice d'Mont, June 2017

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