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Star McMillan
I love interior design, architecture, nature & consulting. Come check out my blog!
I love interior design, architecture, nature & consulting. Come check out my blog!

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A Much Needed Update...
Since my last post, we’ve had a whirlwind of changes! In August, Chad moved to the Seattle area to continue looking for work. In October, our house sold and the kids and I joined Chad. Moving Day from our old house "Dexter Heights" this last October. Since ...

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Last Minute Easter Ideas - Three Easter Themes
Looking for some inspiration for Easter centerpieces and decor? Here are some images of three different Easters we hosted in our home. The theme colors were: Yellow & Green, Blue & Brown, Pink and Rustic. Hope this helps! A Yellow and Green Easter Some of t...

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Lessons from A to Z ~ Demo Day
The kids took the first swings of the sledgehammer. Our basement remodel is now in full swing. And in the days leading up to it, the kids were so excited for "Demo Day". The day when construction officially begins with demolishing - building up, by tearing ...

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Lessons from A to Z - A Lesson From Hagar
Every weekday morning, I drive the kids to school. We have 4 minutes in the car together. And I use that time to pray out loud for each of them. I pray over anything specific they have for the day—a test, a project, friend issues. I pray that they will be a...

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Geometric/Chevron Wall - Before and After
This week I have been working on Resonate Church's offices. We have a Design Team in place and I have ADORED working with these gals, all of whom are studying Design. I want to go into business with them and have a fun girls' day with them. We have dreamed ...

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Lessons from A to Z ~ I Have Not Come for the Well
Last month we geared up for another fancy Easter at our house. I got out our best china and laid out the kids’ fancy Easter clothes. All to celebrate what Christ came for…NOT the fancy. Not the people that “have it all together”. But for the sick, the lost,...

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Waking Up to A Call
The other morning I woke up with a voice mail on my phone - left at
1:30am from a CPS Case Worker. Police had taken a 3 & 4 year old
brother and sister into custody in the middle of the night. (You can
imagine the circumstances.) The Case Worker was look...

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Easter - All In Pink
year we hosted about 40 people and decorated in pink, white, and a
little gray (represented in our silver and the newspaper eggs I made on
the cheap. Here are a few pics of the day: A little chalk board art from our kitchen... "He
is risen!" "He is...

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A Blue and Brown Easter
This year we are hosting for Easter again and I am so excited! I love hosting holidays. And I love our community. So the chance to host Easter for 30-40 of our friends is wonderful! I also love doing different themes for the decor. A few years back, at our ...

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Lessons from A to Z ~ Putting on the Full Armor
Chad has recently introduced Xaiver and Zander to his favorite childhood superhero cartoons. Specifically, “Spiderman and His Amazing Friends”, after he discovered the original episodes were on Netflix. Ah the memories! The boys love it (and Chad still does...
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