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The most up to date and the best #travel news and images you will find anywhere on social media 7 days a week
The most up to date and the best #travel news and images you will find anywhere on social media 7 days a week
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Devil`s bridge in Bulgaria

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An Australian hotel wants you to send them nudes – you won’t believe why
YOU would be sending nudes to a stranger – but will reap the benefits.

Seven Art Series Hotels are located in Melbourne, Bendigo, Adelaide and Brisbane in Australia.

The hotel group are offering a “No Robe package” which begins on May 1 and continues through to June 15.

The deal involves a night’s stay and on this night you will be given a camera to take naked selfies in your suite.
Once you have decided on your favourite picture of you in your birthday suit, it will be sent to artists via an encrypted link.

They will then recreate it as art and it will be delivered to you in the following weeks.

The picture will then be deleted forever once the artists have finished.
“We don’t buy into the ‘Nude is Rude’ camp of thinking. We want to encourage our guests to dare to be different and bold – to celebrate their individuality and feel liberated in their own skin,” CEO of Art Series Hotels, Will Deague said.

People who aren’t into the idea of stripping off for an artist can get involved by uploading an image to Instagram that represents “being free”.

Add the hashtag #norobe for a chance to win a free stay at the hotel.

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Luxurious Yet Family-Friendly, Terranea Resort Wins Everyone Ever

If you think luxury and family-friendly can't go hand-in-hand, think again. Because in Rancho Palos Verdes at the 102-acre resort Terranea, a Destination Hotel, they're proving how everyone (regardless of age and interests) can really have it all. For starters, the views are intensely breathtaking. Perched on rugged coastal bluffs, Terranea's views of the Pacific Ocean are vast and seemingly endless. While the spectacular natural backdrop and mild climate are a couple of the biggest draws – it's also an easy 45-minute drive from the Los Angeles Airport – they're not the only reasons why Terranea is worth visiting year-round. Whether you're a couple in the mood for romance, or a family needing options to keep everyone entertained, below are all the reasons why Terranea should top your travel list.

The hotel – with 326 guest rooms and 34 suites – is perfect for solo travelers and couples. Regardless of what you opt for, you'll have plenty of space to kick back and spread out. (The smallest room category offers 450 square feet.) But if you're traveling with a mixed group – I was with another adult and two children for this trip – I can't recommend the Casitas enough. Like a home away from home, they feature private entrances and amenities such as a fully-equipped kitchen (we baked cookies one night), washer and dryer (a lifesaver), and separate living room with fireplace. Each bedroom sports its own private patio, to boot. And since you're at a five-star resort, you'll receive daily housekeeping and turndown service, shuttles to wherever you need to go on-property, marine-inspired toiletries from the French skincare line L'Occitane, and truly gracious, friendly service. (Should you need more space and privacy than what the Casitas offer, reserve one of the Villas or Bungalows.)

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The DIY scenic Californian holiday

AUSTRALIA has some of the best drive holidays in the world. The Great Ocean Road in Victoria is probably my pick as our best, however there are some spectacular scenic drives elsewhere in the world.

High on that list would be the drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Each year we send clients to America to drive this part of America coast and each year they come home loving it. The Pacific Coast highway takes you on a journey of 669km through small beach towns and incredible coastal stretches of cliff-hugging highway making for spectacular views around every corner.

The usual drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco is three days with overnights in Monterey or Carmel and in Cambria or Pismo Beach, however I would suggest a couple of days longer so that you have time to sample some of what the coast towns have to offer.

A couple of lovely places to spend a couple of days on your drive would be Malibu, Santa Barbara and Monterey.

Malibu is an affluent beach city, the population was around 12,645 with most living along the coastal strip. Malibu consists of a 21 mile (34km) strip of prime Pacific coastline. Nicknamed "the 'Bu” by surfers and locals, the community is famous for its warm, sandy beaches, and for being the home of many Hollywood movie stars and others associated with the entertainment industry. If you are into surfing then you would enjoy some time here.

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Panama: More than just the canal

When you think of Panama, most likely one thing comes to mind: the Panama Canal. True, this engineering marvel - which, after decades of work and thousands of lives lost, linked the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in 1914 - makes for a fascinating story. I can attest that it's an equally fascinating sight to visit, but there's plenty more to see and do in this small Central American country.

The Panama Rain Forest. The region known as Gamboa is considered one of the best bird-watching sites in all of Central America, and we did indeed enjoy a glimpse of a colorful Toucan bird during our hour-long aerial tram tour with the boundaries of Sobriena National Park. A naturalist guide traveled in our gondola, pointing out various plants and wildlife. Ascending some 280 feet above the lush forest floor to a spacious viewing platform, I was thrilled to catch sight of a sleeping tree-hanging sloth. Speaking of which, there are sloth (and ant-eaters, too) at the Gamboa Wildlife Rescue Center, part of the Pan American Conservation Association. Since its establishment in 2005, more than 3,500 wild animals have been rescued and more than 90 percent of them returned to their natural environment through the work of Association volunteers. We especially enjoyed meeting a baby Sloth named Spinach, an ant-eater named Rob, and a beautiful two-year-old female jaguar, Fiona, who was getting readied to travel to Miami to be mated with a male jaguar, as the species is endangered. (Fiona came to the Wildlife Rescue Center as a weeks-old cat whose mother had been killed by poachers). The nearby Gamboa Rainforest Resort offers an array of eco-tours and nature-themed activities for its guests.

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Everyone can understand beauty through these photos

It started without a penny to its name, nor fame, buoyed only by one man’s vision to create and make a difference in a world that allows pictures to do the storytelling.

For Ahsan Qureshi, founder of Travel Photographer Society (TPS), this project is a labour of love that started modestly and blossomed into something bigger over time.

This year, the travel photography festival combines a photo contest – that welcomes participation from both professional and amateur photographers – exhibitions, workshops and talks by photographers Dr Shahidul Alam, Khaula Jamil, Tewfic El Sawy, Etienne Bossot and Halim Berbar.

Ahsan plans to eventually make the Kuala Lumpur-based exhibition, which features a selection of best work from the photo contest, a touring one, bringing it to major cities around the world.

“Photography is a strong medium that has the ability to say a lot without words. It binds us, even if we don’t speak the same language. People can find common ground through images,” says Ahsan, who is based in KL.

The Pakistan-born photographer adds that TPS aims to be a platform that encourages young and also unrecognised talent.


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Glamping in an eco-friendly den in west Wales

One Cat Farm is a small eco friendly glamping site near Aberaeron in west Wales, owned by the Duffey family. Having grown up in the area and spent years living in London, Jessie and Lyndon returned home to reconnect with nature and allow their children to experience a free-range childhood reminiscent of their own. Their cat, Mogul, moved with them – hence the name One Cat Farm though they now also have a dog, Mopsie and some hens in their menagerie. Accommodation is made up of four eco friendly dens designed and built by Lyndon which are incredibly well insulated, double glazed and have electric heating to keep you cosy and snug whatever the weather. Turfed roofs also help with both the insulation and eco credentials of the dens. They are situated in a meadow, which gently slopes down to a small lake (fenced off for the safety of little ones). The dens are well spaced out so there is a feeling of privacy, whilst the Pig Shed provides a sociable central hub for those happy to hang out with their fellow guests.

Both innovative and practical, the simple Scandinavian style of the interiors of the dens is great. They cleverly incorporate everything you could need in a relatively small space. You’ll find a double bed, two singles (which stow away neatly), a very nifty pull down table and stackable stools. Cotton linen and warm duvets are provided and there are blankets and fleeces for cooler nights. Delicious fresh bread baked by Jessie awaits guests on arrival along with a basket of logs for the campfire and a bunch of flowers, freshly picked from their garden

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The ten best beaches in Scotland

Aquamarine water with pure white sands backed by lush forests and picturesque mountains? Unspoiled beauty? The whole beach to yourself? You don’t need to fly to the Caribbean to enjoy these delights.

Aquamarine water with pure white sands backed by lush forests and picturesque mountains? Unspoiled beauty? The whole beach to yourself? You don’t need to fly to the Caribbean to enjoy these delights. Luskentyre Beach on the Isle of Harris. Picture: Daniel Start 1) Luskentyre/Losgaintir Beach, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides Often rated as the UK’s most beautiful beach, a photo of Luskentyre was once mistakenly used in a Thai tourist brochure. The northern part, Tràigh Rosamol, is dune-backed with a long stretch of white sand sweeping down to turquoise waters from a mountainous backdrop. To the south is an expanse of estuarine sands overlooking the Isle of Taransay. There’s also good swimming to be had on the other side of the estuary, two miles along the coast road at Sheileboist and Niosaboist. This is a great place to spot birdlife, with common and velvet scoters, red breasted merganser and great northern divers.

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What Does A Travel Blogger Actually Do? The Real Truth Behind All Of Those Stunning Instagram Photos

I’m sitting in a sauna in the Philippines, muscles loose from a massage, but I can’t relax. There’s a twentysomething woman seated to my left, and I’m finding it hard to sit in such a small space with a fellow traveler in silence. I’m torn between feeling like I should say something, and not wanting to interrupt her peace.

It only takes a couple of minutes before I crack. I’m too curious. I want to know where she’s from and what brought her to this sauna in Makati, the cultural hub of metro Manila, Philippines — other than spa services that cost a fraction of what they would in many other major cities.

I soon find out that she’s Mollie Bylett, the person behind the website Where's Mollie?, and she has what is possibly the most envied and romanticized job in the world: travel blogger (#livingthedream).

As we chat, a spa attendant brings Bylett an ice water and me a pot of black tea, and I sit on my hot wooden bench, trying to balance my curiosity with my desire not to be rude. I’ve never met a travel blogger before, but like anyone who has experienced wanderlust, I’ve had a fantasy or two about being paid to journey around the world. My questions are scrolling through my head like post-game scores on ESPN. How do you make money from this? What does your work actually entail? Is it really as glamorous as it seems?

The answer to that last question probably seems like a resounding “duh” — I’m talking to her in a spa, after all. Yet, like most things, the answer is not as straightforward as one might think. This sauna trip isn’t part of Bylett’s daily schedule. In fact, she’s been on the go for four-plus months, and it’s a much-needed break from the energy — and yes, work — that goes into her job. This is a woman who actually skipped a flight to Palawan (aka the world’s best island, according to Travel +Leisure) earlier in the day because she was itching to head home to the London area instead.

Bylett is used to people wondering what she “actually” does, not to mention the misconception that she just jets around the world taking one beautiful photo after another for her website, Where’s Mollie?, and social media — probably in between Mai Tais. What people don’t realize, though, is how much work it took to get her to the point where she could make travel blogging her full-time job. The three-and-a-half-year process was “hard work and at times, soul destroying,” she tells Bustle in an email after getting home. Until six months ago, she labored over her blog while running an eyelash extension business that she had set up.

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Taste of the Continent in Cornwall

WITH Visit Cornwall officially declaring that ‘Cornish Summer Time’ begins tomorrow, Jaymi McCann heads off to Rick Stein’s stomping ground.

You don't have to go abroad to find sensational continental-style food and wide beaches.

They’re right on our doorstep. Padstow may be tiny but it has a lot to offer, with a beautiful harbour and close to seven bays, it is the bee’s knees for those who love the beach.
Located on the Camel Estuary, it was named after a monastery founded by St Petroc, who arrived on these shores in the 6th century.

Now, with its fresh seafood and the influence of local boy and chef Rick Stein, it has become a gourmet’s paradise.

Its winding lanes and idiosyncratic buildings are authentic on the outside but have been converted into chic bars and fashionable art gallerie

In the tiny village of Trebetherick is the St Moritz Hotel (01208 862242/

It sits near enough to hear the surf crashing at Polzeath beach.

The hotel was first built in the 1930s when Switzerland was the height of sophistication but its current owners have used its history as inspiration.

The 2008 refurbishment gives a contemporary spin on its art deco heritage and the five storey building takes advantage of the striking views out over the Atlantic.

Colourful striped beach huts and the original pool really enhance the vintage British seaside vibe.

The Cowshed Spa is worth a visit and the St Moritz Signature Treatment is particularly indulgent, featuring a sea salt scrub, a body wrap and a facial on top of the massage (£150).
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