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Justin Brooke
An Eagle Uses The Negative Energy of a Storm To Fly Even Higher
An Eagle Uses The Negative Energy of a Storm To Fly Even Higher

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Gotta website?

What if I said some weird thing to you like "Getting unlimited traffic to your website actually has little to do with traffic?" Anyone can buy clicks right? Then what makes getting traffic PROFITABLE?

It's explained in this short video...

Herpa derp... I got a launch coming up next week. Partnered with Rich Schefren on this one so it should go deep. Holla if you want some details

Topic = Making traffic profitable

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MARKETER ARRESTED! Imagine giving away an ipad to get people on your webinar or something and getting arrested for it! Well contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes DO HAVE LAWS. Read below to find out how to stay safe...

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Great video from +Brian Clark to watch while you mow down some lunch

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AWW YEAH.... Cab's Are HERE! and so is SITEFling's new Google+ Page

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Just re-reading an old article of mine and thinking damn... that shit was good!

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Already up to $600 in donations! THANK YOU EVERYONE... LETS BREAK RECORDS!

If you haven't met Sharon Hayes yet you should. This lady cooks with fire and everything she touches turns to gold!

Does anyone still have a convincing argument for using Google+

I really WANT to use it but just can't see how it does anything different than Facebook (oh and all my family and real life friends are on there)
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