Not sure this is where I should start but I don't see a better place.

I've used Google+ to share photos for a couple of years.  Its always been simple -- just enable synching from Picasa or drag and drop photos directly into it.

I can no longer get either of these things to work.  Synching from Picasa 3 just generates a server error with a long hex string and a retry loop that never succeeds and if I use drag and drop I just get "Server rejected".  It also tells me to install autobackup for easier uploading even though autobackup is installed and working.

The only thing I can think of that's different since the last time it worked for me is that I changed from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy running the Android OS along with all of the google photo and autobackup apps.

Today I uninstalled everything I could find, including deleting my google+ profile, and started over from the beginning.  It still doesn't work.

I've seen a few similar posts but only one said they solved the problem and that was by changing the Picasa default language.  No surprise that that made no difference in my symptoms.

This is making me crazy.  Anybody got any idea what my issue may be?
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