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ಠ_ಠ Hello Google+

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Offering a more intimate alternative to SEO and social media conferences, +Branded3 Seminars discuss the very latest algorithm and filter changes, along with valuable insights and information on how your strategies can be altered to stay ahead of the game.

The conference will include talks on the latest +Google updates as well as what's hot in social media and will conclude with a Q&A session with all speakers, including industry experts +Patrick Altoft and +Tim Grice.

For more information and to book your place, see our seminars page here: Tickets are priced at £95+VAT.

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Post has attachment a search engine that removes the top 1million popular sites from its results. It actually brings up some good results, especially for how/why/what questions that are usually saturated with yahoo answer results

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Social Media and Modern PR

Following the release of our Tweets vs Rankings study last week (, +Willoughby PR / WPR Digital highlights on +The Drum the importance of social media activity in online PR and SEO.

Page 1 on +Google certainly would provide a huge PR boost for any company, so the apparent impact of increased social activity on platforms like Twitter is of greater importance than ever before in the SEO world.

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Seeing the tech company market caps in this article: really surprised me:

- Apple’s market value: $563 billion.
- Microsoft’s market value: $268 billion.
- Google’s market value: $199 billion.
- Intel’s market value: $141 billion.
- Amazon's market value: $100 billion.
- eBay’s market value: $52 billion.
-’s market value: $21 billion.

Particularly that Google's still behind Microsoft, that Apple's so far ahead of the rest, that Intel's bigger than Amazon and that Salesforce is so small compared to the rest.

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You know... I don't even like Google+ It's like "There's a party on the web and nobody is invited" then when people are invited they walk in like "Wow this is just like Facebook, but all chrome and shiny"

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