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Vivek Wagle
I like cheese.
I like cheese.


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Pleased to be doing good in the world.
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Our system of punishment is a bit screwed up, in my opinion.
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This project that my friend Allan is involved with sounds great. Help if you can!
Dear Google+ Friends,

I'm looking for some specific people who are interested in supporting independent film. The criteria are one or more of the following characteristics:

1. New Mexico residents, preferably near Santa Fe / Taos
2. People who are passionate about Western movies
3. Fans of Western culture (i.e., cowboys, riding, rodeo)
4. Civil War buffs
5. Antique gun collectors (Henry, Colt Navy, LeMat, P1853 Enfield, Sharps, Springfield, or anything else)

If you know anyone who fits the bill, please pass them my way!

Also, you will have my undying gratitude if you share this to your stream, or if you somehow manage to get +Felicia Day or +Wil Wheaton to reshare.

Reminder: I am working with award-winning director Jared Moshé (, on his current project, an independent western film.
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