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Twilight 1 by Jess Wathen

Eastern Bluebirds symbolize and inspire hope in this whimsical twilight scene.
Perched confidently with his glinting copper chest puffed out and her feathers fluffed cozily, they look to the dimming light as night falls.
Bluebirds remind us by abiding in faith that through the darkness things will be brighter, and with a new day comes the renewal of hope.
12×9 SN (95) $400 Framed or $270 Unframed
12×9 AP (15) $760 Framed or $630 Unframed
12×9 CE (25) $760 Framed or $630 Unframed

#bluebird #redbud #alittlespringinthefall #bird #painting #wildlife #wildlifeart
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Beacon of Hope by Rod Chase - Vintage Image

In these tumultuous times, it is healthy to focus on America as a country of individuals who may have different political views, but who have a lot more in common than first meets the eye. We are a hopeful nation – hope in God, hope in our future, and hope in America as a people. Americans are hard working, resourceful, and resilient.
There are few icons in America that represent these ideals better than the Statue of Liberty. Historically, she has been a beacon welcoming those hoping to immigrate to our nation. Millions visit her each year to celebrate the fact that their ancestors came from around the world to make a new life – one filled with hope and freedom.
And as we embark on this newest challenge to strengthen our nation and ensure opportunities for all, we can look again to her as she will be “A Beacon of Hope” lighting the way to a better life for all and a stronger, united America.
24×18 SN 500 $450 Unframed or $650 Framed
24×18 AP 50 $550 Unframed or $750 Framed
16×12 OE $90 Unframed or $240 Framed

#statueofliberty #liberty #ladyofhope #rodchase #notaphoto #photorealism #art #artwork #painting
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Autumn Glow by Abraham Hunter

My mom manages a marina on the Lake of Egypt in Illinois, and I explored the lake and surrounding area extensively as I was growing up. The tranquility of the atmosphere might have been mostly lost on a growing young boy, but I appreciate it as an adult. It seems we are often searching for that elusive but comfortable nostalgia so I have captured a piece of my own past and improved upon it a bit to share with you. Enjoy the feel of the crisp fall air, the sound of the ducks overhead, and the thought of a friendly old lab to welcome you to your cabin retreat as you bask in the “Autumn Glow.”
16×20 SN 95 $595 Framed or $445 Unframed
16×20 AP 15 $1045 Framed or $895 Unframed

#autumn #fall #autumnsglow #abrahamhunter #cabin #lake #lakesidecabin #art #artist #painting
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Valley of Shadows by Mark Keathley

It is interesting how paintings take on a life of their own. Originally, I simply wanted to create a wolf painting with tepees in the back ground. It wasn’t long, however, until the deeper meaning of this painting became clear to me and my wife – “There is peace and rest to be found in the midst of darkness and danger.” Our hope is that you experience this peace even if you, too, find yourself in the “Valley of Shadows.” Psalm 4:8 reads: “In Peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust.”
~ Mark and Bonnie Keathley

18×27 S/N (95): $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
18×27 A/P (15): $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas
24×36 A/P (15): $1695 Framed or $1375 Canvas
Available in Open Edition

#art #wolves #artist #artwork #creative #painting #oil
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Evening in Venice by Rod Chase - Vintage Image

Our first evening in Italy found us on the Ponte dell’Accademia overlooking the famous Grand Canal. Although this scene was familiar to me through art and photographs, nothing could compare to actually standing on the foot-bridge surrounded by the ancient beauty of Venice. My view is actually a composite of three different photos taken at different spots on the bridge forming a more pleasing panoramic composition. Gondolas were added to give the painting life and interest. As in my painting ‘The Glory of San Pietro’, I muted the colors and intensified the detail symbolizing the rich history and texture of this old-world city. My wife and I look forward to one day returning to Italy and reliving our first ‘Evening in Venice’. — Rod Chase
18×36 SN 500 $650 Unframed or $880 Framed
10×20 OE $110 Unframed or $260 Framed

#eveninginvenice #venice #italy #gloryofsanpietro #rodchase #art #artwork #artist #photorealism
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Sent Forth by Jess Wathen

Our country is facing waves of adversity both from within and from abroad. Though each generation feels like it is the only one who has faced such hardship, we are merely the latest in a long line who have endured such strife. Like the ark being battered by the storm, we must batten our hatches and brave the tempest in the hopes of coming through safely. Hopefully, we will soon see our beacon of hope returning with an olive leaf to signal the lessening of the storm.
12×16 SN (95) $450 Framed or $300 Unframed
12×16 AP (15) $845 Framed or $695 Unframed
12×16 CE (25) $845 Framed or $695 Unframed

#art #dove #oliveleaf #christian #christianart
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Together by Mark Keathley

This painting is significant to me since my youngest son, Colter, just went off to college. He has been a constant companion of mine whether I was fishing, hunting, or traveling. Even while working in my studio day after day, Colter’s desk has been near mine as he has done his school work or played video games so that we could chat or simply be near by. We have always been very close. I wanted to capture in this painting what I feel is my role in his life – helping him experience for himself the joy of living like catching a fish, meeting a new person, or learning a new skill. Standing behind the boy, the father in this picture is coaching his son as he learns something new and anticipates the reward of the hard work. I know I’d like to be out there with a rod in my hand standing in front and trying to hook onto a nice one, but I find greater joy in seeing him get it! “Together” is what life is all about – oneness with another human being and connecting with total acceptance. I want to be all in with my boys and my wife. Putting them first and making their needs and desires important to me is a part of that. Next time you find some time with your son or daughter, look deep into their soul and know you can send a message that will last a life time – “You are valuable!” “You’ve got what it takes!” “You are worth my time.” “Let’s spend time Together!”

18×24 S/N (195): $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
18×24 A/P (25): $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas
25.5×34 S/N (50): $1150 Framed or $830 Canvas
25.5×34 A/P (5): $1695 Framed or $1375 Canvas
30×40 A/P (15): $2350 Framed or $1900 Canvas

#together #fatherandson #fishing #fisherman #christmasgift #giftideas #dochristmasright #art #artwork #artist
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Peek - A - Boo by Abraham Hunter

12×16 AP 25 $845 Framed or $695 Unframed
18×24 SN 95 $750 Framed or $550 Unframed
18×24 AP 15 $1195 Framed or $995 Unframed

From the artist:
During a recent snowfall, I was reminded of snow days growing up. Snow meant that we got to play outside all day long, and it was just so exciting to wake up and see snow falling! This little troublemaking crew of baby raccoons has just woken up from a long winter nap and are climbing over each other to get a peek at the fresh snow falling. Soon they will decide to venture out and play in the snow!!!

#raccoons #snow #winter #wildlife #wildlifeart #art #artist #painting #acrylic
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Band of Brothers by Mark Keathley

From the artist:
Relationships are sometimes hard. People have stuff that gets in the way of the free flow of what was intended for the human soul – love. We often believe that being for someone else competes with us getting what we want and think we need. What we don’t understand, however, is that what we really need is to love. Our hearts were made to pour out love to someone else, and if that flow is blocked, we begin to whither as a person. Our energy will instead begin to look for ways to be loved and to get what we think we are missing because we don’t know there is ONE who already loves us. This divine, unconditional love received will cause us to love others and be full and be fulfilled. In “Band of Brothers,” I am depicting three men who would give their lives for each other. “There is a Friend who is closer than a brother.” These men know that each one is a valuable part of the team – no competitive challenges any more. They have grown into their place and stick together to survive. They are “FOR” each other – and In this commitment to one another, joy and rest can be found. An internal guard or mask isn’t necessary because they can be who they are for they are important to the group. My vision and dream for you is to find your “clan” or band of brothers who accept you for who you are – faults and all – because you are valuable in this place and time!
18×24 SN (95): $750 Framed or $550 Canvas
18×24 AP (15): $1195 Framed or $995 Canvas
25.5×34 SN (95): $1150 Framed or $830 Canvas
25.5×34 AP (15): $1695 Framed or $1375 Canvas
30×40 AP (15): $2350 Framed or $1900 Canvas
36×48 PE (5): $7050 Framed or $6500 Canvas
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