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Veronica Porche

I am loving the new layout and all the new features! Can't wait for school to start to start using them.

I have changed districts, as well as grade level and will be 1:1 Chromebooks with my 3rd graders. Any advice for using Chromebooks with Seesaw? I have only used IPads in the past.

Seesaw 4.5 did not automatically update on all of my devices. Any suggestions?

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Five for Fraturday
TGIF! Time to link up for...       Woke up this morning with the biggest pimple just below my lip.   It had been trying to make an appearance all week.   I swear someone came into my room last night while I was knocked out and popped me in my lip!   It was ...

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Linkies Galore
Hey Y'all!   I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper and Teaching (Powered by Caffeine) for their weekly linkies.       I'm trying to eat more dark green vegetables. In order to do this, I have invested in a NutriBullet!   I am in love with this thing!   E...

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Five for Friday: Oh the Places You'll Go
I've linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for...         I've been messing around with my blog design...again!   I've decided not to pay for a design but to create one myself. I mean, how hard could it be?   I've got a bit of research to do but I'm up for th...

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Five for Friday
I'm linking up with Kacey over  at Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.   100th Day!  I missed the 100th day of school because I was at a math GVC meeting. Waaaahhhh!!! Our district adopted Math Connects about 5 years ago. At that time it aligned with...

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Veronica Porche commented on a post on Blogger.
You always have great ideas! I especially love the large ten frame on the floor.
<b><i><a href=>Teaching with Giggles</a></i></b>

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Five for Friday... MLK Jr Style
It's time for...     This week our focus was Non-Fiction. What a better way to kick off this unit than by learning all about Martin Luther King Jr!   This is my favorite topic to teach! I just LOVE teaching my kids about equality!      We began our week by...

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Jamberry Sightings!!!
Ok all you Bachelor fans...     Did you see them?        One of the girls was totally sportin' her Jams!   How cool is that?   But wait...there's more!   Bisous Magazine also recently featured Jamberry Lacquer and Nails in their 'What we're crushin' on' ar...

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What Would You Do?
Ever had one of those moments when you think you are on a hidden TV show?         Our speech pathologist had one yesterday!   She had walked into the teacher's lounge and a guest teacher was in there.   The guest teacher was going through the flatware picki...
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