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Tarot, Amazing Psychics and Effective Witchcraft Online
Tarot, Amazing Psychics and Effective Witchcraft Online

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One of the main commitments of The MiracleOn6thStreet Psychic Guild is to preserve the Magical Knowledge alive, and to show Earthly people how to use it for their best spiritual development.

The Earth is getting destroyed by hopeless humans who follow evil advice from people who say they're part of the Guild of the Dark Fire or even "The Illuminati". There is no black and white reality. So, our task is to show anyone interested in our knowledge that we can save the planet for everybody: Plants, "Animals", Humanity, "Witches", "Elves" or any other "anthropomorphous" lineage living here.

Some of our followers and friends may be asking: why are you talking about the Sorcerers of the Dark Fire instead of writing more about The MiracleOn6thStreet Psychic Guild and the secrets of the Codex Arkanum? Well, it's because we want you to understand what we are fighting for and what we want to rescue in this paradoxical Multiverse. 

The Sorcerers of the Dark Fire wear some ritual masks inside the Temple. Surprisingly, there are thousands or millions of humans outside buying and wearing them as it was a fashionista mode. OMG!!!!!

The people from The MiracleOn6thStreet Psychic Guild are wise and peaceful, so we cannot understand why the Sorcerers of the Dark Fire play a double-game inside their Temple. They seem to be nice with us, but there's some kind of delusive behavior among them. Why did they opened the forbidden door to us, if they distinguish themselves from "anthropomorhous" beings ???

The door of the Eternal Temple of the Dark Fire calls to "all the anthropomorphous breeds" to feel safe and sound by trespassing it. It's good that they admit that there are different lineages for humankind... or whatever we are. 😉

Well, we finally reached the secret door to the Eternal Temple managed by the Sorcerers of the Dark Fire. It's required to be cautious. That's because we didn't provide too much information on this before.

The MiracleOn6thStreet psychic sorcerers and sorceresses will be posting here interesting secrets on the Occult Sciences and other Esoteric knowledge.

We're starting this timeline on New Moon. Auspicious moment for the enthusiasts of The Occult :)
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