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I was a bit shocked today noticing that chrome followed a redirect from a HTTPS connection to a HTTP connection. And that IE refuses to follow it. What I would expect. Chrome why are you allowing a redirect from a secure to an insecure connection.

The real case which I hit was a redirect from HTTPS to HTTP and back to HTTPS. So a normal user doesn't see that he is sending stuff over an insecure connection.

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Post has attachment looks promising research, something definitely has to be done to protect your data on the web when doing mashups.

People give to often full access to data managed by one web application to another web application, without carefully taking into account all security considerations.

Being able to prevent leaking information on the web, in a light way and usable way, is something that we really need!  

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The TED Radio Hour is becoming one of the weekly podcasts that enjoy listening the most. This weeks topic 'Disruptive Leadership' was maybe even beter then last weeks 'Champions' which was also great as almost every week.

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Too bad mobile isn't supported for google's PGP e-mail encryption. Nevertheless it is a good start.

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What you build should be relevant. No one is looking for ‘innovation’. It should solve a problem for your customer. And if it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to kill your darlings.

Attending an interesting session about innovation by +Philippe Van Nieuwenborgh

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Volvo will automatically share road conditions using a cloud platform pilot is extending next winter.
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