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Little treasure from GFeets roots. Been a wild ride since the conference room office with +Sara Eleta +Ryan Loosier +Kate Manser +Jon Ray 

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Let the Training begin :)
GYMKHANA 5 1/2: Superstore Edition.

Looks like Ken Block's got some stiff competition!

SkateBoarding is not a Sport, its a LifeStyle

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This is an incredible mashup of Austin's Urban Artistry 
The Historic Victory Grill presents Urban Austin. This event will feature seven local acts, along with their managers and other music and industry professionals selected by Capitol View Arts to represent Austin at the 2012 Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans. The conference takes place September 26th-30th and will provide access to music panels, workshops and public showcases offering insight on various topics in the music industry. We hope everyone comes out to show their support for these artist and 100% of your donations will be used to help fund their trip. 

Featured Artist:
Drastik IV
Serafia Jane
Myz B
J Redd
Doc Deuce
Erin Ivey

September 1st, 2012

Doors open at 8pm, Show starts at 9pm.

Cover: Donations Requested

All Ages Event

for more info and insight on this trip and the artist please visit

Excited about the upcoming political conventions?  Add this circle for relevant news and to engage with political leaders!

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Spectacular.  Hopefully we will be able to see this in person someday
Sunrise on Mars. Quite an amazing photo #space

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For all the Cat Lovers out there especially +Sara Eleta Reid & +Shiraz Siddiqui 

Cats are probably the laziest pet but they have tremendous leaping ability and are flexible. So are you practicing to become like them?

#yoga #practice #asana #posture #cats #cat #flexibility #funny #wtf #yogajournal #elephantjournal

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(Dont worry, we will not be choreographing a dance)

We recently moved into an old farm house in Travis Heights.  It is our goal to share this space with some of our favorite Austinites.  

This will be the first gathering at our new home, and we hope you can make it on such short notice.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book)
(Bring Your Own Buddy) {+1's welcome}

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Seeing is believing   #fairtrade   

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Yet another reason I love +Fair Trade Certified 
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