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Should we Mourn Steve Jobs? Is it possible to be a Saint of the computing industry?
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St. Isidore of Seville is already the patron saint of Computers and the Internet. However, ironically; Steve Jobs with his descovery of "The Apple" changed our lives as much as Adam and his bite of the apple!
Yes, and a firmly established hater of all things created by Mr. Jobs and his subordinates..
As am I a hater of Apple products. However, I will give credit to Steve Jobs for revolutionizing the mobile computing industry. He made it happen, others just made it better. The guy is a stud in my book. We would not have android if it were not for the Iphone. Just saying...
That's where I was gonna go with that. 
Until a true visionary comes along and develops a way for me to have a computer embedded in my arm, I will continue to remain unimpressed.