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(8:13:58 PM) Dawnfiend: vancian-based casting mechanics
(8:14:25 PM) chronotron: ol' vance had a system that worked and I will appreciate not disrespecting him
(8:16:00 PM) fordcruller: who is vance
(8:16:18 PM) FriendJohn: guy who made the first gaming system for the mech assault game in the 60s
(8:16:24 PM) FriendJohn: casting was based on those rules
(8:16:43 PM) Dawnfiend: It made a lot of sense when it was for casting missiles into the air
(8:16:49 PM) Dawnfiend: And you had to rest in drydock to reload
(8:17:02 PM) chronotron: for 8 hours
(8:17:29 PM) Dawnfiend: 4 if you were an elven mech
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making s'mores in my room with a lighter. smearing marshmallow in my beard.
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A man with nothing left to cling to...
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