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This Blog Has Moved!
This blog has been moved to a new host site.  The full post archive and all future posts will be available at . Thank you for reading!

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What is an Urban Forest?
DC Urban Forest Cover from the National Cathedral Nature doesn't stop at the boundaries of a city.  A web of living things weaves in and out of every human environment we have created; through city blocks, along railroad tracks, within farm fields and backy...

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Science Outreach in Rural China- Engineers Volunteer
Science Outreach to Children in Rural China  By Zhida Song-James  Ph.D, Michael Baker International Member ASCE Since 2009, I have been serving as a volunteer Project Manager for the Education and Science Society (ESS) Summer Science Camp Program in rural C...

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I think a lot about how to change the way our culture, specifically in cities, views open space in the built environment.  This means clients and developers, public and private land holders, designers, occupants, and visitors.  The single best argument for ...

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Transboundary Resource Partnerships, or the International Society of Cat Herding
Protests against the Xayaburi Dam, Laos. In early
November, I singlehandedly severed trade ties between two nation-states.   The scenario was enacted to allow candidates
of Virginia Tech’s XMNR program to practice negotiating skills, an...

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Why Isn't the Amazon Rainforest Worth More?
An earlier post analyzed how the planet as a
whole values the Amazon Basin of Brazil in a way that the host nation may not.   This blog takes a look at how Brazil can look
to the United States for both cautionary tales and positive examples concerning
long ...

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The Globe Values the Amazon Basin, but does Brazil?
The Amazon rainforest is comparable in size to
the mainland United States.   Rainforest
composes almost 60% of Brazil’s landmass, mostly in the Amazon Basin.   Brazil’s forests are home to roughly one
third of the planet’s species; many are used in medicati...

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Outsourcing Nature- Can a Fake Tree be Greener Than a Real Tree?
Providing ambiance. Your great aunt will be pleased to find out that artificial trees are making a stylish comeback! Not the artificial trees such as the one shown to the right, which is arguably useless and requires dusting.  I once watched a man climb a l...

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