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Sara Rowghani
Marketing Manager at Google Creative Lab. Furniture maker. Word twister.
Marketing Manager at Google Creative Lab. Furniture maker. Word twister.

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Date: March 6, 2012

Subject: Game Theory Online class starts March 19th!

The following email was sent to all registered students:

It is real: The university has approved the launching of a few of the new online courses, and so our Game Theory online class begins on Monday March 19th!

By this weekend you will receive a second email, containing
instructions about logging in and starting to familiarize yourself
with the class. The syllabus will be online, including the
requirements, grading policy, and timetable for the course. Although the class
doesn't officially start until the 19th, next week you will also be
able to preview the first week's material.

It turns out to be complicated for a traditional university - even a
leading university such as Stanford - to embark on bold experiments
that challenge its very model. We're glad that all the hurdles have
finally been cleared, and are proud to belong to such a
forward-thinking institution.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you're as excited as we are to start this adventure.


Matt Jackson and Yoav Shoham

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PEOPLE WANTED: Creative Lab are scouting for talent at #sxsw: Come meet @dlarsen & me at Lustre Pearl (97 Trainer at Driskill). Details Look for this guy.

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Hey SXSW-goers:

A few of us will be at SXSW looking specifically for Marketing Managers (strategic thinkers and entrepreneurial types) to join us. Come seek shelter from the rain and hang out with Ben (@malbonnington), Dane (@dlarsen), and me (@sarar) at East Side Showroom (East 6th and Medina) tonight at 4:30pm!

"It is amazing how many different ideas of "fun" co-exist in this world."
-Rodeo Clown

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Simply put, millennials...they love the shit out of some technology.

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The incredible 7-game World Series between the +St. Louis Cardinals and +Texas Rangers ended just two weeks ago, and we true baseball fans are already eagerly awaiting pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training this February. +Natalie Villalobos may love the +San Francisco Giants and +Louis Gray loves the +Oakland Athletics but we're both passionate about baseball.

All of +MLB's 30 teams are already here on Google+. It's Opening Day for baseball season here on Google+, so step up to the plate and take your cuts. Your favorite team is already here. It's going to be a long cold off-season, but we're looking forward to what's on deck. Play Ball!

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IKEA creates play area for dudes.
IKEA invents play area for husbands!

Lots of stores, including IKEA, have a play area for children because they can be fussy and annoying during boring shopping sessions.

Now IKEA has a play area for men, and for the same reason!

Pops to Gizmodo:

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Check out our new Chrome video w/ The Johnny Cash Project - #thewebiswhatyoumakeofit - Congrats to +Aaron Koblin +Ricardo Cabello +Chris Milk +Jessica Beavers +Leslie Rubin
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