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THis is so badass
Our blog post on neural network is live! #inceptionism

These images were create from "scratch" by a computer :)
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This is great...
"Manjul Bhargava, who has just won the most coveted prize in mathematics, explains the link between Rubik's cube and his groundbreaking work in number theory"

Q: "The award citation says that you were inspired to extend Gauss's law of composition in an unusual way. Can you explain what that is, and what you did?"

A: "Gauss's law says that you can compose two quadratic forms, which you can think of as a square of numbers, to get a third square. I was in California in the summer of 1998, and I had a 2 x 2 x 2 mini Rubik's cube. I was just visualising putting numbers on each of the corners, and I saw these binary quadratic forms coming out, three of them. I just sat down and wrote out the relations between them. It was a great day!" ...

#mathematics   #numbers   #numbertheory    #gauss   #rubikscube  

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Great to watch +Anthony Brooks break the Guinness world record  at +Liberty Science Center for solving the most number of Rubik's Cube underwater while holding his breath.  He solved five, the last one with a single hand!
He did it!

+Anthony Brooks just broke the +Guinness World Records for most +Rubik's Cube solved underwater!!!

Here he is with +Liberty Science Center CEO, +Paul Hoffman and the official Guinness World Records title. Such an awesome way to start off the 2104 Rubik's Cube US National Champtionships.

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Great weekend in store at LSC with a record number of speed-cubers (close  to 600)  here for the US National Rubik;s Cube Championship
This weekend, the biggest speedcubing competition in North America comes to +Liberty Science Center.

Watch as hundreds of speedcubers from all over the world gather to make friends, break records, and find out who has the fastest solve on Earth.

You've seen the Olympics, you've seen the Super Bowl, you may have even seen the Iditarod, but you haven't seen anything until you've seen a speedcubing competition.

I just run a non-profit science center and I'm receiving unsolicited emails like:

Dear Paul,

With access to over 6,500 aircraft, we can accommodate any private flight needs you may have, whether it be domestic or international destinations.

Below is a basic outline of our program...

Everything is included, even fuel!!
We are offering the following pricing on all of our 25 hour programs:

LIGHT JET $109,000
HAWKER 400XP $117,500
MID-SIZE JET $129,000
HAWKER 800/850/900XP $140,000
CITATION X $190,000
CHALLENGER 300, 601, 604 $200,000

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Now I can go for a Nike sponsorship: "His fiery orange-red Nikes were brightly apparent as he strode to the lectern at Liberty Science Center, where such guests as Sen. Robert Menendez; Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno; Robert Wong, chief creative officer for Google; Janos Ader, the president of Hungary; and Erno Rubik, creator of the Rubik's Cube, gathered for the opening of "Beyond Rubik's Cube," an exhibit marking the 40th anniversary of the puzzle". 

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Our friends at Google just launched Chrome Cube Lab Awesome digital Rubik's experiments to compliment +Beyond Rubik's Cube   exhibition at +Liberty Science Center  

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Feeling mathematical today

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Interviewing +Erno Rubik at EG
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