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Collaborative Mathematics is back! We've been offline for a while, and a lot has happened... but we're back with Challenge 16. Visit the website and get ready to put on your palindrome pants.

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You're invited to the Collaborative Mathematics Challenge 15 Memorial Pizza Party! No RSVP is required; we've got plenty of pizza to go around (250 slices, in fact)!

The theme this time is about making a mathematical argument. Share your thoughts and solutions in a response video, or via the discussion section on the Challenge 15 page. I hope you're hungry!

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Happy New Year math fans! The first challenge video of 2015 has arrived. It's Challenge 14, now showing on the Collaborative Mathematics homepage.

Share your thoughts and solutions in a response video, or via the new discussion section on the Challenge 14 page. Your time starts now!

Hello, CollaboMath fans!

I will be moving to Seattle this spring and I am now actively seeking mathematics teaching positions for fall 2015. (Or, other opportunities in the education sector.) Ideas, leads, contacts, warm wishes? I'll take all the help I can get. Thanks!

In the meantime: Stay tuned for Challenge 14, coming next week!

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Now showing on the website: Jacob's follow-up video with further results and conjectures. I was surprised by his new results. I bet you will be too!

Before watching, make a conjecture: How big is the first number to require 5 iterations of the recycling procedure before entering a loop? Is it close to 100,000? 1 million? 1 billion? (Watch the challenge video if you want a reminder of the procedure. :)

Also, new in the challenge archive: Share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the archive page!

Challenge 13 update! After modifying his program, Jacob says he's found the first number to require 5 iterations of the recycling procedure before entering a loop. Any conjectures?

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We have our first Challenge 13 response video!

Jacob H. from Austin, Texas wrote a few computer programs to perform the numerical recycling procedure from Challenge 13.

In his response video -- now showing on our website -- Jacob demonstrates how his programs work and describes his results. He also poses a fantastic new question about the numerical recycling procedure that emerged as he studied the original challenge.

What other thoughts do you have about Challenge 13? Do Jacob's results give you any ideas? How would you approach the new question Jacob poses? Get in touch and share your thoughts!

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In honor of American Recycles Day (15 Nov) and inspired by a problem from Math For Love, Collaborative Mathematics is proud to present Challenge 13!

This one is quite open-ended, so there are lots of ways to participate. Watch the video, experiment a bit with our numerical recycling machine, and let us know what you (and your students) discover!

Thanks, as always, for your support and participation!

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Tomorrow (October 14, 2014) is Ada Lovelace Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Ada, and the field of computer programming, are the inspiration for Challenge 12, which is now available on the Collaborative Mathematics website!

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Teachers, check out our new curriculum page! We are happy to now offer a lesson outline with tips for structuring a class period around the exploration and discussion of a Collaborative Mathematics video challenge. Plus: we have a student handout for each of the challenges!
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