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My latest piece on the water crisis is up at NPR
Fresh water is a precious commodity. It may seem ubiquitous and abundant, but that's somewhat of an illusion. Commentator Sheril Kirshenbaum says it's time to take water conservation seriously by focu...
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This is a silent problem thats going to hit like a ton of bricks. You can see the effects taking hold now. Droughts in Texas, floods in Europe and no coherent strategy for water management. I live in Canada where we are pumping drinking water down oil wells by the millions of gallons. While parts of the country are totally dry and rely on irrigation for crops. Its plain stupid. Meanwhile summer after summer its getting drier but still we pump the water we really should be protecting down oil wells. Its a path that is going to end in misery.
I'm not sure there is a "water crisis" or lack of water - rather just poor water management and infrastructure
+Alexander Quiñones If we are talking about Africa, then recent studies have found that there are massive reserves underground.

For other parts of the world then for local droughts it must surely be a case of poor infrastructure. Even the recent famine/drought in Somalia had more to do with the perpetual conflict going on that the actual lack of water

We have 70% of the planet covered by water, and an active water cycle in most temperate climates, and seasonal rains in others. There is enough water. It needs planning and infrastructure to move the water, or to store it from wet seasons for use in dry seasons

Here in the UK we have a drought in the south west of the country - while the other parts have had massive amounts of rain. We have new housing estates popping up without thought of getting the water to them, and we have old underground pipework leaking distributed water at an alarming rate. People cite climate change or global warming, but its not about water shortage its about water distribution
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