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-wating on mi moment->
-wating on mi moment->

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-"Was feelinn tha Jamaican Vibe yesterday #amc

-"Never bite the hand that'll feed you , never fear a man if he bleed too #rns

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-"Juss outt hea chillin <3

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-"Throwback pic , likes ? ;)

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-"Got da freshhcut, likes ? ;)
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-"Follow me on new twitter ( CAkid101 )
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ok well heres the poem/rap

Real Life ..

Life is pretty kray, I really just got it
Some cant take the pressure, so they try to stop it
I hope Im not like them with their suicidal noggins
So Ill try to keep my feelings covered, locked like a locket

I would fake a smile just to keep them from worrying
Depression, sadness, sorrow, fear, all I buried and
A few more emotions, some might be misworded and
I probably need to wrap this up, I should be hurrying

Lemme get to the point, theres many things in the world
Fame, fortune, food, fun, and my favorite girl
It even had rollercoasters that could make ou hurl
Some good things in life, that would give you a whirl

But everything aint so pretty on the other side
Some people cant even sit back and write rhymes
They have to tell white lies so their not patronized
Because they dont realize what their negative minds just criminally devised

Yeah, life, something Im trying to explain
Its just so insane, it hurts my brain evry time I think of its name
Yup, you know this aint no game
Because if you messup you can lose all your fame
Or even worse if youre young, and has to walk with a cane

Well, yeah, So Im telling you now
You have to live while you can, even if youre a child
Dont care what the world says aboyut your style
Just do you, be you, be proud

By: Claude Copeland(PJ

hey guys i wrote a poem/rap
like if u want to hear it

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its relli nt kool tho
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