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#Chelsea über-lucky Bastards!! Bayern deserved the win just like every other team that went up against Chelsea but damn luck is on your side Blues. Anyways Congrats on your first CL cup!
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If by Luck you mean greatest desire not to give up, then yes. Though Bayren had more chances, it was Muller's header that was a lucky one, not Drogba's!
Both headers were fine.
But I guess every team that wins on penalties is the lucky one. :)
Rolf, you are right. I was just tired of "lucky chelsea". A team that scores an equilizer 2 mins from stoppage time is hardly luck. Even afterwords, Cech guessed all the six penalties correctly - it all can't be luck. and even if it's luck, Chelsea earned it after the ghost goal against pool, the pathetic referee against Barca 3 years back, and 4 first team players suspended.

Btw, I wish it was somebody other than Bayern. Bayern is one of my other favorite teams. and it had to be Sweinsteigger(?), one of my fav players :(
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