This is awesome! Hat tip to +Jenny Murphy for attracting my attention to it.
Ideas for Hangouts on Air

Okay, we've done our first astronomy Hangout on Air, and I've got to say, it gave me chills. Not that we created amazing television (I'm proud of it, no question), but my mind is buzzing with the potential for this technology.

Right now, most Hangouts on Air consist of a group of friends collected together in front of their computers with Borg-like headsets on.

But that's only because we're just getting started. And this is going to change EVERYTHING. Facebook isn't the target here, old media should get on this technology right away before they get left in the dust.

Let me give you some ideas.

1. Create a virtual news program, with an anchor, and roving reporters equipped with portable phones at an event (like Occupy Wall Street, or a Natural Disaster), etc. The reporters can talk to each other or interview people at the event. The camera will automatically switch depending on who's talking, making this very newslike. I seriously think you could create a serviceable news report with a little effort.

2. Run a Google+ Hangout at a concert. The band starts up the Hangout on Air, and then invites everyone at the concert to join them with their devices. Anyone at the concert can then record video of the event from a different angle, and viewers can switch from view to view however they like. The band can stick around after the concert and keep the Hangout going, let fans talk to each other, interview the band, etc.

3. Do a live television show. Could you create a live performance, sort of like the movie Cloverfield, where there's a natural disaster or alien invasion and the various actors do their performances live into the Hangout. You could put on Hamlet with the actors in front of their separate computers - that's kind of post modern, I know.

4. Live Riff Tracks/Cinematic Titanic - Start a Hangout during American Idol or some other easily lampoonable live TV show and then make snarky comments about the episode in real time with a cast of comedians.
5. Sporting events - You should be able to provide good coverage of sporting events with multiple people at an event. Some people could do play-by-play, while others do color commentary. Other people can just be providing the cameras for better coverage. Give race car drivers cameras and let them broadcast. Put cameras on football players.

6. Political punditry - The mainstay of CNN, etc. This would be so easy to replicate. You should be able to create flash teams of political punditry on almost any subject.

7. Conventions and conferences - Imagine distributing cameras to reporters at CES and let them just roam around. Once they find something, they can take over the stream and demo a cool product to the live audience. An anchor team could put the announcements in context for the audience.

8. Education - Teachers and students could come together to learn. Again, this is such a natural application, I don't need to really go into details. Lectures, research groups discussing their findings with each other, and broadcast to a larger audience. Like Virtual TED Talks.

9. Band Rehersals - A band could get together and jam online; they could even be in different locations. Fans could make requests.

10. Live Animation - Get the cast of the Simpsons at home, connected together as a Hangout. Each one puts their character up on the screen, and then answers questions from the audience.

11. Comedians Riffing - Wouldn't it be amazing to watch a group of talented comedians hanging out, joking with each other.

12. Collaborative Writing - A group of writers could get together and work on a story. People could see what it takes to create a book.

13. Celebrity Roleplaying Games - Can you imagine watching Stephen Colbert and Robin Williams play D&D live? Okay, I just nerded out there, sorry.

14. Cast rehearsals of shows - What about watching the cast of the Family Guy, etc doing their readt hroughs of shows?

Anyway, you get my drift. Let's hear your ideas. Come on Google+ers, let's change the world.
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