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Dennis Wish

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Check out this video on YouTube:
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How ya doin you old Commie! I am now in Minnesota working for a multi-state SE firm. I will be back in San Diego in October for my daughter's wedding. I will be there for 11 days. Maybe we could come over the mountains to say, "Hi!" 
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Dennis Wish

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Dennis Wish

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I'm on a very limited budget using an iPhone 4s and 4th Generation iPad. I'm retired on a fixed income so what I can afford to spend to enhance my photos is limited. I was a professional Structural Engineer and studies Architecture in 1970 at U of I in Chicago specializing in B&W photography.

I used to do my own darkroom work in B&W but Since Digital Photography became affordable my first camera was a 7.2 Exilim that I loved until I retired and discovered the iPhone and iPad 4.

I follow each of you videos and understand issues using depth of field, composition, some HDR but would like to stick with affordable apps or inexpensive Windows based touch up software. I started many years ago working in Chicago for the family company and volunteered to create the company product catalog - Continental Glass Company who was a glass and plastic bottle distributor and realized how much I didn't understand on photographing glass. I ultimately gave up after realign how much I had to learn. Composition was not the problem, learning to work with the reflections in glass was something far different than dealing with buildings and nature scenes.

In 1978 I moved to California after losing my family job at the glass company and became a structural engineer. I'm retired now and returned to my hobbies in music (Guitar playing and Digital Music Workstations) and digital photography using my iPhone, iPad and Apps to enhance my hobby.

I do this for my own pleasure and would like some help deciding on Apps or Windows 7 software in a lower cost range to use to enhance my work. I understand using layers as I did in drafting in AutoCAD which was a staple to my engineering practice. I enjoy the behind the camera work and have found great photos done by accident by friends that could be so much more with time spent on digital effects.

What would you recommend for an old guy on a fixed and limited income to enhance the work I found to have potential for something better.


Dennis Wish

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Check out this video on YouTube:
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Dennis Wish

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Absolutely tremendous. You are my inspiration! I'm 63 years old and a retired engineer in California. I played guitar since I was a kid but put it aside to build a profession that would feed my family. Over the years my problems with Crohn's disease made it more difficult to work and I was forced to retire early rather than let down clients who relied on me.
I returned to a new world of creativity in music though guitar and a library of affordable Apps.
I was overwhelmed by what you have accomplished that you have become my inspiration. There are less obstructions today than ever before. I dreamed of being part of a band again in my senior years and now I'm learning that I am the band and through our unlimited creativity there are no obstacles to our own creative minds.
I'm subscribed to your YouTube page and will be following you! Your emotions and heart are so clearly felt in your renditions of songs that have been favorites for years. I'd very much like to hear your own creations as well! Thank you so much!

Dennis Wish

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Using Soundcloud with Presonus Studio One 2 Pro - follow for instructions on how to set up the Windows and MAC version.
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Dennis Wish

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Self portrait on so much improvement you can make. Cleaned up some blemishes but crappie mood didn't help much. 
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Dennis Wish

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Near Lake Villa Illinois. Taken during heavy winter storm in 2014 by my Step-daughter Lisa and enhanced with color brushes on B&W digital photo thank from Kitchen window off deck into yard. sepia tone added to provide reddish cast and reduce contrast. Shot on an iPhone 4s. 
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Dennis Wish

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Seattle council passes $15 minimum wage ordinance. The city of Seattle becomes the first city to raise it's minimum wage to $15/hour. This will be done in gradual steps over the next seven years. If your fortunate to be living in Seattle, the news is wonderful. But let's not lose site of the fact that in a city where the cost of living and the monthly rent exceed most other areas of the country, workers will be better off but are still going to need two full-time workers to feed, house and clothes a family of four. Most estimates agree on a living wage of closer to $80k as the baseline to enter the middle class in Seattle. $100k annually to consider purchasing a small home. While the rise is well received, two people making about $30k a year (assuming unpaid vacations) will help the states economy but the real question become; "Will housing and costs to live in the Seattle begin to absorb the additional wage increase. Until we answer that question the increase, while well received today, may not mean as much in seven years as the cost of living rises in Seattle. Rent control anyone?
After four months of negotiating, restaurant owners, labor leaders, and businesspeople in Seattle struck an accord to raise the minimum wage to $15.
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Dennis Wish

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Reference: THE LIE FACTORY" by Robert Dreyfuss and Jason Vest published in Mother Jones Magazine 2004 issue 01 January/February issue

Dick Cheney will go to his grave defending his decision to invade Iraq ( and his claim that waterboarding interogation methods were not considered torture (supported by the leagle team hired by then Vice President Dick Cheney). As a progressive I caught on to Cheney's scam when I read a wonderfully writter article published in Mother Jones Magazine called "The Lie Factory" by Robert Dreyfuss and Jason Vest. The entire complicated scam beginning with the actions that outted ex-CIA employee Valerie Plame who was engaged to ..."former diplomat Joseph C. Wilson, had traveled to Niger on the CIA's behalf to investigate claims that Iraq had arranged to purchase ..." Weapons grade Uranium. The article follows the coverup link all the way back to President Bush. To help the reader a flowchart was provided to show the path of lies through the White House organizational Chart. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the original flowchart online but the entire article can be found on and searching for either Robert Dreyfuss and finding the link for The Lie Factory" published in the January/February 2004 edition or trying .

I have never understood why this well written article has never been referenced on any of the Political Talk Shows on the Cable line up but as the in- fighting is now working against the last administration, set afire by the claimes of Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) who today made the accusation that Dick Cheney was representing his own best interest by supporting the invasion of Iraq as a reason to recommed the no-competion contractural hireing of Haliburten Company (which Dick Cheney was the CEO for the previous five years before becomming VP) who had construction crews in the Middle East and were ready to name their own price to create an infrastructure into Iraq that would assist creating roads and moving supplies to and from troops as the Invasion started. For years Cheney has been accused of breaking the Conflict of Interest laws. (Ref:

Dick Cheney is not apologetic for his actions and that of the United States surrounding the Iraq War, according to a documentarian who interviewed the former Vice President for his latest feature. Paul Mitchell is the director of "America vs. Iraq," a new film that examines the U.S. invasion of Iraq through interviews with high-profile American and British decision-makers.
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Cheney was wrong to support the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He was irresponsibly wrong when he assured the nation, without serious evidence, that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. He was wrong to argue that Saddam was in alignment with Al Qaeda leaders. He was wrong when he assured the American people that U.S. forces would be greeted as liberators rather than invaders. He was wrong to think that Western-style democracy could be planted upon the soil of a culture that contains doctrinal objections to significant elements of Western-style democracy. He was wrong to miss the implications of destroying the balance of power between Iraq and Iran. He was wrong not to see the consequences of the ongoing societal chaos in Iraq that would be unleashed by the invasion.
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Dennis Wish

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Engineer - Retired (Structural), Finger-style & Blues Guitarist
Blues Guitar (Electric & Acoustic), Finger Style, Digital Audio Workstation, Photography, Dog Owner, Political Progressive Liberal
  • Self-Employed Professional EngineerRetired
    Structural Engineering, 1986 - 2010
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Lq Quinta, California
Skokie, Illinois - Des Plaines, Illinois - Chicago, Illinois - West Los Angeles, California - Venice, California
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California Professional Engineer (Structural), Blues & Fingerstyle Guitarist, Photographic Hobbiest

60+ old Married Man and Grandfather of six - Structural Engineering Consultant - Licensed in California (Currently in forced retirement) and strong Progressive Liberal.

Guitarist - Finger-style blues (Delta, Piedmont & Rag), Celtic & English (finger-style) and Electric Blues (Chicago).

Dog owner: Two Golden Retrievers and a Chocolate Lab.

  • Niles North High School
    Grades 9-12, 1964 - 1968
  • Southern Illinois Univ.
    Pre-Engineering, 1969 - 1970
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
    Architecture, 1970 - 1972
  • Loyola Marymount University
    Civil Engineering, 1980 - 1985
  • California State University - Northridge
    Structural Engineering, 1984 - 1986
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The Lie Factory

A Mother Jones Special Investigation: The inside story of how the Bush administration pushed disinformation and bogus intelligence and led t


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Introduction. 60+ old Married Man and Grandfather of six - Structural Engineering Consultant - Licensed in California (Currently in forced r

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