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Hello everyone –

Okay as has been noted, we are moving. The actual Move of the Big Stuff Day, and what smaller things that can be moved, is happening the week-end of 05/11 – 05/13. We have some big pieces, like the china cabinet (one of the two “worst” if you will) and of course the annoying pieces, like the beds.

For those who have seen it, my desk, which I have affectionately called the aircraft carrier, and Jules desk, a similar size, which I have called the battle ship, are NOT being moved. They are up for sale (NOT my computer hutch though; I plan to keep that).

The move date is likely Saturday afternoon on the 12th. Any help on either Friday (after 3:30 p.m.) or Sunday after 10:00 am is welcome. But the big stuff has to go Saturday the 12th please. And yes, that’s rain or shine.

The reason for this public notice is of course, we need help moving. Please. All are invited. Even if you carry one box either from house to truck or from truck to house, it’s help that’s appreciated.

Please let me \ us know if you can help out on any of those days, but again especially on Saturday.

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I can help on Saturday afternoon from 1-3 PM.
I wish I could be there in more than spirit. May the move go smoothly, and may the new place be one of happiness for all of you. *hug!*
That's quite a commute, think imma sit this one out. Best of luck.
I will be in Chicago that weekend. However, I can loan my Focus wagon to the cause.
I think I missed a memo - You mean the Castle is moving??? I'll see what I can do to help out....
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