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146. Owl's Last Post
Could you tell me about your cancer?   a family friend asked recently. I never really dared to talk to you about it at
the time. I backed away.  What happened? His question puzzled me. What happened? Cancer happened, I
had the treatments, I got better. The ...

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143, The communal changing room
I used to quite like communal changing rooms in swimming pools. Rooms marked Women . Put a bunch of naked females together and that's what they are, WOMEN, simple and straightforward . Ladies is for places where females can be discreet, like toilets and one...

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142. In a tight spot
With my growing enthusiasm for sea swimming comes the thought that perhaps a thicker layer would be a good idea. I've got gloves and socks to stop my extremities falling off, but some extra core warmth might allow me to stay in the water a little longer. At...

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141. Breastless on the beach
I try to stick to the principle that this blog is about breast cancer. Which is why I haven't blogged for months. After all, cancer no longer affects my life. At all. Does it? Doesn't it? I suppose I've got used to being a cancer patient, or, as I should pr...

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139. Time is elastic
My son turns 18 today. I am now the * mother of an adult. *The word "elderly" springs to mind here, fitting in well with the creaking bones and the grey hair . (Oops, sorry, I forgot I wasn't going to mention the hair again.) I am not sure how it happened. ...

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138. In the hair and now
My Hairy Situation has happily stopped us from having to talk about the weather f or roughly a year and a half.  That glamorous I-wouldn't-dare-to-go-that-short look, but doesn't it suit you! Those curls that have, quite literally, come out of nowhere. The ...

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137. Taking each day
This is the fourth time I have sat down at my computer to write a blog post. First of all, there was the Happy Christmas one. Then the Happy New Year one. Then the "Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas/New Year" one. Each of these drafts was deleted. I'd ...

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136. Something Sinister?
For the ex-cancer patient, an ache or twinge or bout of tiredness is not easily waved aside. You try to forget about the dangerous surprises your body might spring on you, but it is always there, lurking ominously in the dark alleys of your mind: the possib...

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135. Hurray! Breast Cancer Will Improve Your Life!!
You've got breast cancer? Worry not. Congratulations, in fact. Because here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to Transform Your Life. Take our word for it. You go through cancer and you emerge on the other side a Better Person, or at the very least a pers...

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132. A different kind of bucket list
I only follow one other blog. It's by Kate Granger , a young doctor who is now in the late stages of terminal cancer. Kate has only written two blog posts since I signed up, but they are poignant. In fact the one from two weeks ago has stayed with me every ...
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