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Andrew Richardson
Husband, Father, Student, Blogger. Just eeking through life like everyone else.
Husband, Father, Student, Blogger. Just eeking through life like everyone else.

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Timeline may be FecesBook's final Achilles Heel. Once that crap is forced on people, the flood of those no longer using FecesBook will be HUGE. - Me included.

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Kiya seems to think that her new wake up time is 5:30 am. Not so bad if she already didn't have Liza and I conditioned to go to bed at 3:00 am! It's going to be a LOOOOOONNNNGGGGG Day!

Me thinks that facebook has given Google+ the shot in the arm needed to really take off. What say you?

Uggg! WoT is down yet again! Was down about8 hours to upload a patch to the system which then took another 2 hours to download to my PC and another 10 minutes to install. NOW, the servers are down for scheduled "unscheduled maintenance" whatever the hell that is.

I know that I've said this before but... OH THAT BEAUTIFUL RAIN. It is raining here in West-Central Ohio and we sure need it.

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Reelecting Obama in 2012 would be like electing Hurricane Katrina as the Mayor of New Orleans.

I actually really love this interface. I don't check it nearly enough and am wondering if it will take off anytime soon. It just seems easier to use Facebook even with its app bombardments and spam.

Considering.... considering mind you... of changing my blogging platform. Drupal has been calling my name since my last Linux class - Linux Server Administration. My concern is that I would have to wipe out my server and start over because for whatever reason, Drupal says its not compatible even though my server is a Linux server. Not sure what I'm going to do.
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