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Drew “BluShark” Young
Just really really really good looking
Just really really really good looking


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Want your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Gear?

Add +Nathan Myers to your circles for your chance to win, only Google+ members have the chance to win this smartwatch and the competition is open worldwide.

Winner will be announced next week by random draw.

Resharing will get your name entered twice into the draw.

#galaxygear   #competition   #samsung   #luckydraw  

[Entrants are reminded that this device only functions properly with Samsung devices running stock 4.3]
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I noticed that +Ingress +NIA Ops fixed the targeting system in the new update, so among other thank yous, thank you for that!

Whoo! became L8 today, does that mean I get to complain about the game now?

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You know you go to a town with no one when...

I think a funny gag to play on your friends, would be that if your parachute fails to open when skydiving. That you should pretend your swimming.
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Just cause I haven't seen any posts about this before. This wallaper is awesome, I've had it since the first day I bought this phone. I don't own this app, but I thought I'd share it just cause it's cool. Enjoy~

Things I noticed today, 5 new invites, and my avatar went back to normal, is this avatar in reponse to the negative comments? Or is it just some server glitch? +Ingress +NIA Ops

Ok so today I installed the field trip app, and I was going through points of interest, and close to me I found a portal that I had submitted a while back, though it doesn't exist in game, and I still have yet to see it in the game. Is this because I will see it in the future? Or did ingress just miss my submission being added to ingress? Cause I'd like to see our citys founders house as a portal.

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Minor glitch, possibly intentional?
After targeting a portal or random location on the world, I can't clear the target unless I go to a portal and press "Cancel target" +NIA Ops +Ingress
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