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More great student created projects on The Great Gatsby:
-Two BreakoutEDU student created experiences using research (Technology in the 1920s and The Rise of Industrial America, both connected to SHSM)
-A recreation of evidence of the Hall Mills Murder Evidence and a challenge for students to solve the real murder using the information provided (the students did a better job than the police of the time!)
-A recorded story with accompanying images telling the about the lives of "the Lost Generation"
-A 1920s Breaking News Report on the death of Zelda Fitzgerald (SHSM)
-A Kahoot! learning experience
-A VR Cardboard tour of a museum and cube of the key geographical locations within The Great Gatsby using CoSpaces

It is amazing what kids can do when they collaborate and connect with others!

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Thanks to +Michael Leonard for supporting my 3UP student in problem solving...the student ended up creating two separate VR tours using CoSpaces and 360 degree images from Google Maps that connected to his research into locations within The Great Gatsby. The student then proceed to teach two teachers about how to incorporate CoSpaces into their own classes! The faces of the students on the tour speak for themselves.

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Excited to share innovative student created research presentations about the historical context of The Great Gatsby! Students selected topics based on their interests and their SHSM majors (for contextualized learning) So far student presentations have included:
-a mystery expedition around the school to meet important characters throughout history (in costume and with clues to solve)
-a slide deck including a student created PowToon! about the mob and a Kahoot!
-a student created version of Monopoly that simulated the inequities of social class and gender based norms of the 1920s
-a Breakout EDU about the American Dream

Many students have collaborated with one another to conduct research and create projects. They have all created final products that involve classmates in their learning!

I am excited to see what the others have created!

Thanks +Michael Leonard for engaging in a Hangout today where you helped a student problem solve around his creation of a VR project to share with the class! The grade 10 student is very motivated and excited to bring a VR experience about The Great Gatsby to live for the rest of the class.

Excited to be in the process of collecting permissions so that Hangouts can be enabled on student GAFE accounts! So many great possibilities for students to make connections...including grade 9s talking to 12th graders in IL about Shakespeare's writing!

I am noticing that extensions I have added to Chrome are no longer working or appearing through my GAFE account. Great extensions like Extensity and Grammarly are no longer appearing! Is there a fix for this?

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Saw this on the Connected Classrooms Community and thought this might help us in making additional connections.

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Just wanted to share how well ReadandWrite works with PDFs from the Nelson Literacy Student Books as a reading assignment in Google Classroom! What a great way for modelling and teaching the annotation of reading strategies and helping students to do this on their own!

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As Google Hangouts are becoming more popular and more people are seeing the benefits to students that come from collaboration across a distance, the issue of parental permissions is also becoming evident. Last year I participated in a Hangout collaboration with a school in Texas.  As the project evolved more permissions were needed. Here are the permission forms that I used to make sure this great opportunity could happen for my students!

Hi there,
I am looking for anyone who is interested in connecting with a grade 11 Pre-AP English class.  We are currently studying The Great Gatsby and would love to have conversations about the big ideas and questions raised within the book.  Additionally, we will be studying Macbeth, ISU novels, poetry and short stories.  This is a class of highly motivated students who would really love to make a connection of any kind and would love to discuss culture, language etc., We are open to connections primarily with secondary schools but can be flexible if others have ideas regarding connections!
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