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News, Reviews & Interviews about Designer Vinyl, Custom Toys, Plush, Action Figures, Collectibles, Art, & Events.
News, Reviews & Interviews about Designer Vinyl, Custom Toys, Plush, Action Figures, Collectibles, Art, & Events.

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Guardians of the Galaxy POP in for Funko!
Marvel have announced that Funko is currently working on a Guardians of the Galaxy POP range.  The figures as seen here of Starlord, Drax and Groot are still in prototype, but Funko has hinted they they will be ready in time for the  New York Toy Fair in mi...

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Marvel Mystery Minis to the Rescue
Comics 'N' Toys over at FunkoFanatic 's has posted a photo revealing the new Marvel Comics Mystery Minis Series 1, which was announced late last year. The 2.5" blind boxed figures includes left to right: Galactus, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Phoenix, Loki, Deadpoo...

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Doktor A's Mr. Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perambulator is in a Winter Wanderland
Munky King is releasing the latest colorway of Doktor A 's very ace Mr. Pumfrey and his Astounding Mechanised Perambulator, in The Winter Wanderland colorway. Featuring a very beautifully detailed yet minimalist glossy white finish with silver and turquoise...

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Sekure D starts off the year with a Bang!
It's only the first month of the year and Sekure D come out swinging with this rad custom Custom Codename Human Torch Bot vinyl. But that's not all Kidrobot reports that Australia's own Sekure D is invading the US stores and online. The Munnyworld customs w...

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Woohoo! The Simpsons LEGO is Coming Soon
The biggest news on the interwebs at the moment is that The Simpsons fans will soon be able to build their own Springfield, thanks to LEGO! Announced last year the 742 Evergreen Terrace home of The Simpsons has finally come to life, containing a super 2,523...

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The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Take 2
With the success of their first series, Funko are releasing the second series of The Walking Dead Mystery Minis.  Featuring 24 unique characters including the ever popular Daryl,  Michonne, The Governor, Rick, Carl and some Z ombies.  These rad minis will b...

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Kidrobot Reveal Scott Tolleson's Evolved Dunny
Kidrobot  have continued to reveal their  Dunny Evolved  designs with a beautiful piece by  Scott Tolleson . In true Tolleson fashion thi...

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'White Star Edition' Outer Space Men at NYCC
The Four Horsemen  have announced they will be selling 'White Star Edition' Outer Space Men at NYCC. Designed to match another set of all...

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Ume Toys 'Peggy Candycorn' NYCC Exclusive
Big Kev's Geek Stuff have announced their first NYCC exclusive with Richard Page aka Ume Toys ' super cute ' Peggy Candycorn'. The hand f...

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Back on Coarse with 'dark sorrows - nightshade'
Coarse is back with another amazing figure titled 'dark sorrows - nightshade'  The 11" resin statue is actually a 1:1 replica of the  ori...
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