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Can someone please explain why I am still being billed for 100GB storage 5 days after redeeming FREE 100GB storage (for reaching Level4 local guide)?

I redeemed my Free Storage on 15th March but was still billed for 100GB Google Drive storage on 20th March?



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If you are thinking of updating your Sony Xperia Z1 to Android Lollipop... Don't!!!
It's terrible... It turned my phone into a lagging unresponsive piece of tech that is ultimately frustrating. As an added bonus, the Wifi keeps dropping.

#Sony #Xperia #Lollipop 

Why doesn't Google allow adding company details straight into Google Contacts from Search or Maps results?  Just saying...

#google #contacts

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Just registered for SearchLove London... and so should you probably!

#searchlove   #distilled  
It's here! The SearchLove flash sale is on now. Get huge discounts off your SearchLove London and San Diego tickets today only.

Wow, Google Contacts got a serious make-over... might be late to the party, only realising this today?


Hmmm, Chrome doesn't allow me to upload music to my Google Play Music library... I need to use IE to achieve this... FAIL!


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I just wish that Google would allow us to scan the barcodes on our CDs and automatically add the respective mp3s to our Google Play Music accounts... Trying to rip hundreds of CDs is a non-starter.
(I know streaming is the future, but it would still be nice to feel like my CD collection is not completely obsolete)


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How Chaos Theory explains why you can't just replicate Serendipity.
A slightly different post about SEO.


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Look into the future without needing a DeLorean. Google Maps is our crystal ball.

#seo  #localseo #googlemaps
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