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Hyderabad Runners
The largest and certainly the best running club in India!
The largest and certainly the best running club in India!


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Runner of the week October 11, 2014 - +Neelima Gudaru 

Women have been hard at work for decades dispelling the myth that they aren’t as good at sports as men.  For some the passion they carry, excellence on the job and the change they have wrought takes them them to the top of their game. Their achievements in life have always had the force of determination behind them - there never have been half-measures for them.  And for some motherhood need not mean end of their pursuit for excellence. They can prove that they can be top athletes and moms at the same time. Right here, in Hyderabad Runners we have some top women runners who have proven this time and again and continue to inspire us with their jaw dropping feats/performances. They are changing the rules every day. Meet the well-grounded, Neelima Gudara, our Runner Of The Week who belongs to such breed.


Date: 11 Oct 2014
Location: KBR Park Main Entrance
Distance: 5 km
Time: Assemble at 5.45 am and Start at 6.00 am
(please carry Rs.10/- change for the park entry fee)

About Myself  
Born in Ongole,brought up in Karimnagar and Warangal.My schooling for most part was in Warangal and engineering in Chennai. I did my Masters in computer science from University of Missouri Kansas city.
Running History:
In school, I was an active participant in all the games and sports. Was blessed to win some  silver and bronze medals in 200m and 400m state level meets.
400 m-1.02 mins
200m-28 sec
December 2011:8th Masters National Silver medal in 100 Breaststroke
First 10k: Hyderabad 10k run Nov 2013 -65 mins
Second 10k:  Bitsathon March 2014-Fifth in women’s category 58 mins
Novice Triathlon 2012
Sprint Triathlon 2013
AHM Dry run: 2.18
My fastest 20k: 2.04
Trained for AHM with the 16 week RLRF,not missing a run but the race did not turnout the way it should have.
My Family and Work:
My Husband Satish, two kids,10 and 12 year old. My husband and I own and manage an IT consulting and software development company.
Other Interests:
Other than being active, I enjoy shopping, watching movies and travelling especially to hills and country side. If time permits, I’d like to take my wing and fly like a bird ….. go paragliding!!!
Running Goals:
 I don’t have any specific running goals. I would like to keep running, enjoy it and stay injury free.
HR means to me:
HR to me is like family. Group of wonderful people, who have fun all the time, everywhere in a very healthy way. I have found great support, encouragement and motivation from the group. Everyone  is inspiring and helping each other making challenges so much fun!

Made a lot of friends and had pleasure running those extra miles. Thanks to Niranjan, Gautham, Sandeep Koka who made the morning bike rides a reality. Knee pain has been a biggest hurdle when I started  running with the group. Thanks to Sunil Menon for suggesting Ardhachandrasan. It works like magic. Special thanks to Chief for constantly encouraging and believing in me.   Happy and proud to be a part of Hyderabad Runner.

My favorite running line:
Pain is temporary, Pride is forever
Join us for the run this Saturday to know more about Neelima.
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A bit of morning motivation! For more quotes:
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Runner of the week: September 13, 2014 : +Kiran Kanojia 

Many professional athletes entertain us with their strength and competitive spirit. Then, there are those who inspire us with their ability to overcome adversity. We are especially touched by those who are missing a limb, yet use everything else they have to become the best at what they do. Sometimes in our lives, there are momentous incidents which challenge our integrity, our zest for life. How we evolve from their aftermath defines who we are and shapes the remainder of our existence. This is a story of turning tragedy into triumph. Read on to know the story of Kiran Kanojia, the runner of the week.

Here are the run details:

Date: 13 Sep 2014
Location: KBR Park Main Entrance
Distance: 5km
Time: Assemble 5.45 am and Start 6.00 am
Please carry Rs.10/- change for park entry fee


From Faridabad to Hyderabad - I am software professional.


I moved to Hyderabad in 2009 to pursue my IT career when I was employed by Infosys. December 2011, I was on my way home travelling in train seated on the lower berth close to the exit door.  At Palwal Railway station (Haryana)
someone tried to snatch my airbag containing my tickets and other valuables.  I tried to resist by holding on to a rod, but in the meantime an accomplice of the thief had arrived and he pushed me from behind. I tumbled onto the track and unfortunately, my left leg got entangled in the foot rest of the coach, resulting in a bad, gashing injury. Listening to my painful screams, somebody pulled the chain and bandaged the injured limb. At Faridabad Rly Station fellow passengers admitted me to the Fortis Escorts Hospital. Unfortunately, in spite of the immediate action and surgery the same night, due to the depth of the wound, and severance of supporting blood vessels, the lower portion of the left leg below the knee had to be amputated. As is inevitable after such a severe injury, the initial period post the accident was mind-numbingly difficult; with the biting pain and the realization of a permanent damage. But slowly, aided by the support from family and friends, I opted to get an artificial leg fitted. Infosys, my employer,  sponsored the procedure and an artificial leg was installed.

I returned to Hyderabad after 3 month obscured by doubts. The road of soul-searching and self-estimation took me to a conclave for amputees where I met a Colonel who instilled a new belief and that meeting paved the way to a new dimension in my life. Consumed by drive to prove my capabilities despite the incident, I started cycling. I found my magic potion and the ascent continued unabated. I did the 5k cycling on Womens Day in 2013, 75k cycling from Gachibowli to Vikarabad, 5k Cycle to Work campaign. I got a new running blade and here are some of my milestones.

• 5K- Airtel Hyderabad Marathon on 25th August’2013
• 5K- The Spirit of Wipro Run on 22nd September’2013.
• 7k-The Hyderabad 10K run on November 2013 
• 5K – Infosys run on 20th December 2013.
• Hyderabad corporate Olympic and received “Infosys special woman award” for completing 800 meters with blade in November 2013
• Chennai marathon 10K on 1st dec 2013
• Mumbai marathon 6k- 19 jan 2014

I started training for the AHM 2014, ran the dry run and successfully completed the Half Marathon on 24th August 2014. It's been a memorable roller-coaster ride and life seems to have come a full circle- a tale of joy resurfacing by drowning out the darkness. 


Born in a middle-class family, I hail from Faridabad and I am the eldest of 3 siblings. I work with Infosys.


Cycling and Running. Apart from this it gives me great joy to help people overcome their physical capabilities and look forward to life with great vigor and passion.


No specific goals as such, I would like to prove and help other with loss of limbs prove to the world that we are as good as anyone else. Its about self-belief and overcoming challenges that defines a person.

HR Means to me - committed and self-less group, where everyone is welcome. They have been of great help, support and guidance to me.


The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

Kiran's juggernaut rolls on to happier times, amidst a crescendo of appreciation and encouragement, towards her mission. The butterfly has sprouted wings, lets wish in unison that she flies to uncharted places and realizes all her dreams. Amen!

Join Kiran this Saturday and be inspired - doubly inspired.
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Hyderabad Runners - Annual Trash Run

Date: 14th June 2014
Time: 5.30 am assemble and 5.45 am start
Run Start Point: KBR Park Main Entrance
Run Distance: 6 kms
Location (Trash Collection): Durgam Cheruvu, towards the BNR Hills side
Trash Walk: 2-3 kms
Dress Code: Jeans or Track Pant, Tee, Cap would be ideal

Run and trash collection location map link:

Other details:
This run is open to all - runners and non-runners
Trash pick up will entail walking on some trails near the clean-up location
Trash bags and hand gloves will be provided to the pickers
Those deciding to skip the run can join us at the clean-up location directly
Breakfast will be provided post the activity 
Look forward to seeing a good number of people for this cause.
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BEGINNERS: Muscle cramps stink, let's be honest. Here's how you can prevent them while training this summer
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Hyderabad Runners - Run at Hampi, July 12 & 13, 2014. See details below - 
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Congratulations to everyone!!
It gives me an immense pleasure to share this moment with you that Hyderabad runners successfully completes 7 years journey and looking forward for many more years.
Hyderabad Runners 7th Anniversary

 We are celebrating our 7th Anniversary on Saturday 24th May 2014.
Request you to join us with your family and friends for this celebration.

 Event details 
Venue - KBR Park
Assemble - 5:45AM
Run -7K start @ 6AM
Run for Kids - 3.5k Start @ 6:15AM
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Runner of the week: +Laxminarayan Bangad , May 10, 2014

He is a number cruncher, double entry dabbler, journal juggler, ledger lover and also a running reconciler.  Laxminarayan Bangad, is our Runner of the Week. A Chartered Accountant by profession, always has a smile on his face and an audit case. Read on to know more about him.

Run Details:
Date: 10 May 2014
Time: Assemble @ 0545 hrs and Start @ 0600 hrs
Distance: 5 km
Location: KBR Park Main Entrance, Opp: TDP Office 

About myself-
I am Laxminarayan Bangad, brought up in Hyderabad and a Chartered Accountant by profession.
Running History-
I started long distance running about 3 years back in October 2011. Before I started running, I used to go to Addlife gym for around 2 years. One day my cousin Mr. Rajesh Bang encouraged me to run with him and I started my first run of 8 Km. in KBR Park. Bang had joined Hyderabad Runners a few months back and then encouraged me to join Sunday Long runs. My first Sunday run was 12 Kms. and I felt it was a big achievement. But when I saw other fellow members running even more, I felt that I have long way to go. On my second run in KBR along with Rajesh Bang I met our chief Mr. Rajesh Vetcha and he encouraged me to register for Auroville Half Marathon and I Immediately registered. After that I have been with the HR group. 
I have completed following runs:-
1.       Auroville Half Marathon –Feb’2012, 2hr 27 min
2.       Airtel Hyderabad Half Marathon-Aug’2012, 2hr 18 min
3.       Heritage Half Marathon-Sep’2012,  2hr 17 min
4.       Philadelphia Half Marathon-June’2013, 2hr 17 min
5.       Airtel Hyderabad Marathon-Aug’2013, 5hr 24 min
6.       Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Jan’2014, 4hr 35 min
7.       Hyderabad Runners Club Run 2014 Half Marathon, Mar’2014, 1hr 59 min

Family & Work:
I live with my wife Archana, my daughter Amolika, son Rahul and my mother. Archana is a home-maker while Amolika is studying B Tech 2nd year in Gitam University, Hyderabad and Rahul is studying 10th class in FIIT Jee World School.  I am a Chartered Accountant by profession since 1994 and am a senior partner in M/s Kapasi Bangad & Co. I started my career with my friend and partner Mr. Niraj Kapasi. We specialize in Statutory Audits, Tax Audit, IS Audit, Internal Audit, Taxation, Corporate Laws and Service Tax matters. I am currently pursuing one year Family Management Programme from S.P. Jain Management Institute, Mumbai.

Other Interest:
I enjoy Swimming and doing regularly from last one year. Apart from that I want to learn some musical instrument, but haven’t been able to take out time for learning it.

Running Goals:
Want to participate in New York Marathon.

HR means to me:
The commitment and discipline of the HR members is an inspiration to me and I am honoured and happy to be a part of this fraternity. The group motivates and makes me continue running. I especially thank Rajesh Bung, Praveen, Vinay, Setlem, Basu, Hariharan, Romil, Prashanth, Abhijeet and Niranjan who encouraged me to run.

My favourite running line:
Be consistent and enjoy the run. Running builds confidence in life.

Join us this Saturday for the run.
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